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Prince Harry has shown some signs of being “unhappy” with his life, post royal exit, an expert says. The royal author points to one moment as an indication of Harry being “homesick”. He also shares worries for the Duke of Sussex and the “heartache” he may experience.

Prince Harry appears unhappy with Meghan Markle attend the National Service of Thanksgiving during queen's Platinum Jubilee
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle | Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

Prince Harry ‘seems homesick’ and ‘looks unhappy,’ expert says

Duncan Larcombe, royal expert and author of Prince Harry: The Inside Story, spoke with Closer about how one of Harry’s recent activities might indicate he’s “homesick.”

“He seems homesick to me,” Larcombe said. “Harry’s suddenly playing polo again and drinking with his new friends — all things he used to enjoy doing in the UK.”

The expert continued, “Meghan is cheering him on on the sidelines, helping create this perfect LA life for him to justify what he’s given up in the UK. But something doesn’t seem to sit right. Harry looks unhappy.”

Royal author ponders whether Prince Harry has sacrificed too much

Larcombe went on to look at how Harry was more sociable in the past but perhaps has given up a lot for his new life away from the royal family.

“He is living out there in self-imposed exile and Harry is a very sociable person,” Larcombe said. “In his formative years he had lots of friends — including his estranged brother William — and was always spending time with them.”

The expert added, “He must sometimes wonder if everything he has given up has been worth it.”

Larcombe said the Sussexes’ appearance at the queen’s Platinum Jubilee was also revealing. “At the Jubilee we got to see what the reality is of Harry and Meghan choosing not to be senior royals,” he noted. “It’s like they’ve chosen to live their life out in the cold and that’s where they are going to stay for now. I can’t imagine that secretly there isn’t some form of heartache for Harry.”

Larcombe continued, “The queen and Harry’s family want him to be happy, but what they have never wanted is for he and Meghan to set up some sort of rogue royal unit. Perhaps this message is finally sinking in.”

The expert added, “But people will always have their eyes on Harry now, wondering how his life will turn out. He’s taken a huge gamble.”


Body Language Expert Analyzes Prince Harry’s ‘Mixed Emotions’ and ‘Odd Moments’ in Latest Video

Expert examines Prince Harry’s body language: he looks like ‘a fish out of water’

Body language expert Darren Stanton spoke with Express in May, looking at some of Harry’s appearances at the time. According to Stanton, Prince Harry looked “tired” and “stressed,” and like “a fish out of water.”

Stanton shared, “We have seen some nice moments of public affection between Harry and Meghan during their recent trip to the Netherlands, which definitely depict how very much in love they are.”

Prince Harry did seem a bit stressed, according to Stanton. “However, some of the gestures demonstrated by Harry sometimes show a tired, stressed version of him that we are not used to seeing,” he explained.

“It’s clear he is trying to be all things to all people, but I believe from seeing Harry in different situations that the move to California has had a significant impact on his emotions,” Stanton added.