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The full moon eclipse on November 8th had a profound impact on the upcoming memoir “Spare” which Prince Harry will release in 2023.

Astrologist Joy Yascone– Elms told Showbiz Cheat Sheet she predicts the book will spark drama within the royal family kingdom.

“The full moon lunar eclipse in Taurus that occurred on November 8th impacting Harry’s moon shows potential drama that will unfold with the book ‘Spare’ as well,” she shared. “Harry feels it is his right to express his heart, soul, and mind as he could not do when he was a child. He feels this book is a part of his needed liberation.”

Prince Harry will truly open up in his book, ‘Spare’

Yascone– Elms said Prince Harry will have an opportunity to open up about how he really feels in “Spare.”

Prince William, Prince of Wales, Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, Peter Phillips, King Charles III, Princess Anne, Princess Royal and Prince Andrew, Duke of York at the Queen's funeral
Prince William, Prince of Wales, Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, Peter Phillips, King Charles III, Princess Anne, Princess Royal and Prince Andrew, Duke of York|Kirsty O’Connor – WPA Pool/Getty Images

“He was forced to keep quiet as a child. Yet now as an adult, he feels liberated to speak up,” she said. “He does know that this book release and other projects may come riddled with consequences. Yet he is prepared to confront his past, his pain and face any perceived consequences.”

“As a child, he was not permitted to mourn his mother in the public eye,” she added. “He was not permitted to have his process. That process of liberation begins now for Harry. And in some ways he feels he is taking a stand for his mother whom he could not protect as a child.”

Prince Harry and Prince William could begin to heal ahead of ‘Spare’ release

Yascone– Elms said that Prince Harry and Prince William’s charts point to healing during the holidays. “Prince Harry and Prince William’s chart point to a healing conversation or meeting over the holidays,” she predicted. “This will help smooth out things a bit. I feel it is very plausible their children will bring them together.”

Unfortunately, Yascone– Elms believes this healing could be impacted by the release of “Spare.”

Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince Harry posed for a photo while on a ski trip.
Prince Charles, Prince William, and Prince Harry | Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images

“Yet on the heels of this reunion at the start of the New Year Prince Harry’s memoir will be released to the public,” she said. “While the royal family may not enjoy the book or its perceived potential ramifications, this book for Prince Harry is not meant to destroy the family. It is meant to speak his truth.”

“Prince Harry and Prince William both had to process their mother’s very high-profile life and death publicly,” she recalled. “Their lives have always been public as a part of their royal legacy; their grief, growing pains, joys, and sorrows. So why should the processing of their truth and pain be done in private? As we all know everyone’s process is different. And it shows in Prince Harry’s chart that his family is a priority to him and his sense of duty to family.”

Why could ‘Spare’ be perceived as ‘malicious’ by Prince William?

“Spare” may be taken as “malicious” by Prince William, Yascone-Elms believes.

“As a Capricorn rising likened to Queen Elizabeth who also was a Capricorn rising, Prince Harry’s sense of duty and sense of responsibility to family is strong,” Yascone– Elms remarked. “Yet, he values his wife the way he wishes his mother was valued. And his children and family the way he wishes he was valued as a child. After the loss of his mother, he vowed he would always prioritize love and family over duty. I think we’ll see a lot of this in Harry’s memoir, ‘Spare’.” 

Prince William and Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex attended the Queen's funeral
Prince William and Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex| Karwai Tang/WireImage

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“Harry’s Saturn in Scorpio impacts Prince William’s career house. So he has always felt that Harry has challenged his career growth for good or bad. This is why ‘Spare’ may be perceived as malicious and cruel by Prince William,” she said. “Even though that is not Prince Harry’s intention. Yet it is important for the brothers to note that nothing would make their mother happier than Prince William and Prince Harry finding healing and being united as brothers, even in their differences.”

“The brothers must recognize that they each had very different experiences growing up and very different lenses in which they process life events,” she added. “This is shown more than ever in their birth charts.” 

Joy Yascone Elms is an astrologist and author of “The Power of Divine Timing: The Secret to Success in Every Endeavor Is Timing.”