Prince Harry’s Book Won’t Contain Bombshells About Prince Andrew Says Royal Expert

Prince Harry’s book has drawn a lot of attention. Many people are curious about the contents of the book and what Harry will say about the royal family. A royal commentator says one thing the book will not contain are bombshells about Prince Andrew.

Prince Harry’s book ‘Spare’ won’t include scandalous information about Prince Andrew says commentator

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If you’re looking forward to juicy tidbits about Prince Andrew in Prince Harry’s book, you might be disappointed. According to royal commentator Neil Sean, Harry won’t include bombshells about his uncle’s life. Harry will reportedly avoid discussing any drama surrounding Prince Andrew. Sean says Harry wants to show respect toward his cousins Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie.

“Prince Harry has decided, very nicely I would say, not to include this particular senior royal within his forthcoming memoir,” says Sean during his video commentary. “And this is really all to do with not about protecting himself but protecting two people that he feels incredibly close to—Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice.”

Sean says Princess Beatrice discussed the matter with Harry when she visited New York. According to him, they had a lengthy discussion about not including Andrew in the book.  

“When Beatrice was in New York earlier this year, that was one of the topics that apparently her and Prince Harry discussed at great length,” says Sean. “And why he wouldn’t even bring in some earliest memories of Uncle Andrew. Very wise when you think about it in itself, because you know it’s not his story to tell.”

Neil Sean says it would be ‘rude’ to include Prince Andrew in Prince Harry’s book

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Sean thinks it’s best not to include Prince Andrew in Harry’s memoir. Considering the recent death of Queen Elizabeth II and King Charles’ upcoming coronation, it makes sense. Bombshells about Andrew would take attention away from Charles’s ceremony and cause an unwelcome distraction for those who are still mourning the queen.

“As I’ve said to you before, this is an ongoing story and there are many layers to it that the public don’t truly know about,” says Sean. “So, I, in the fullness of time as our late monarch would have said, ‘All of those things will come to light.’ But right now, it would have been churlish and downright rude really of Prince Harry really to include anything about Prince Andrew. So, it’s nice to know he did have some scruples and more importantly it’s nice to know that Beatrice and Eugenie were able to get through to him.”

Royal expert says Prince Andrew is at ‘rock bottom’

One royal expert says Prince Andrew has reached “rock bottom.” Russell Meyers, a royal editor for Daily Mirror, says this is a tough time for Andrew. During Meyers’ interview with Sky News, he discussed reports that Andrew will no longer be in royal service.

“[Prince Andrew] has absolutely left himself in complete disgrace due to his relationship with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein,” says Meyers. “And of course, his longtime friend Ghislane Maxwell is now languishing in jail for about 20 to 30 years. So there really was no way back for him, and yet he still thought that he had something to offer the royal family. But of course, King Charles is certainly trying to create his own legacy now as well as the Prince of Wales, Prince William, has got a lot at stake for his family.”

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