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Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, shocked the world in their sit-down interview with Oprah Winfrey. The married couple, who now reside in California, discussed issues they’ve dealt with for years with the royal family. Their revelations included racist allegations, stories of isolation, and difficulties with securing mental health help.

In the interview, Meghan also expressed that she experienced suicidal ideation while pregnant with their son, Archie. Both Harry and Meghan said that Meghan was welcomed into the family at first. But there was a turning point. The moment that changed it all was a direct parallel to an episode of The Crown.

Prince Harry in a denim shirt and Meghan Markle in a white blouse during their visit to Australia in 2018
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle | Chris Jackson – Pool/Getty Images

Is ‘The Crown’ historically accurate?

Netflix’s hit drama The Crown is historical fiction in that many storylines are based on real-life events. But the show, through its characters and dialogue, are fictional.

Seasons 1 and 2 focused on Queen Elizabeth II (Claire Foy) and Prince Philip (Matt Smith) early on in their marriage. The following season introduced Prince Charles (Josh O’Connor) and the rigid hold that the crown has over him. He pursued Camilla Parker Bowles (Emerald Fennell) but in season 4, was encouraged to court Princess Diana (Emma Corrin) instead.

‘The Crown’ showed Prince Charles and Princess Diana in Australia

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Charles and Diana got married in The Crown Season 4. The episode “Terra Nullius” showcased their first tour to Australia after getting married. While there, the public got acquainted with Diana’s charisma and beauty, up-close and personal. On the show, the couple mimicked an intimate dancing scene between the real-life Charles and Diana.

One of the factors that was different about Diana was how she interacted with people. Unlike Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, who created distance between themselves and the public, Diana touched and hugged people.

Charles vocalized his jealousy to Diana on the show. He expressed that she was taking attention away from him on his tour.

O’Connor spoke about the episode’s importance and what it meant for the couple in a Netflix clip, “Beneath The Crown: The True Story of Charles & Diana’s Australia Tour.”

“It tells almost their happiest moment and then, a kind of resurgence, a kind of toxic spell that happens with Diana,” he said. “Where she becomes the love of the nation. She’s the spotlight, and Charles kind of realizing that he lost his way. She is now the leading role in this marriage.”

On The Crown, the tour in Australia was a breaking point between Charles and Diana. And in real life, Harry and Meghan attributed their own 2018 Australian tour as a turning point for them as a married couple and the royal family.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle went on a similar tour to Australia

Harry and Meghan did a similar tour when they were newlyweds. The duo went to Australia, Tonga, New Zealand, and Fiji in 2018.

“It really changed after the Australia tour, after our South Pacific tour,” Harry told Oprah in their interview on CBS. “It was the first time that the family got to see how incredible [Meghan] is at the job.”

Oprah mentioned the similarity to Charles and Diana’s trip. She asked whether the royal family felt jealous toward Meghan.

“I just wish that we would all learn from the past,” Harry replied. He added how “effortless” Meghan transitioned into royal public life on the tour. He also claimed that she was “one of the greatest assets to the Commonwealth that the family could have ever wished for.”

You can stream The Crown on Netflix.

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