Prince Harry Exited Royal Life With a Subtle Nod to Meghan Markle

Since the Sussexes first announced their intent to step away from their lives as senior working members of the British royal family, many fingers have been pointed at Meghan, Duchess of Sussex. During her two years in the British royal, the British press and public have treated the duchess horribly.

Meghan has been ridiculed at every turn, she’s been accused of seducing the prince away from his family and more recently she was even called, “five steps up from trailer trash.” When the Sussexes decided the bullying and harassment was more than they were willing to endure, they announced Megxit. However, it only seemed to infuriate their critics even more.

Now that the pair have completed their final royal duties, Prince Harry has made it clear that he values and respects his wife and her happiness over everything. He even used his wardrobe to prove it.

Prince Harry made the final decision to leave the British royal family

People can turn their noses up at Meghan all they want. However, the fact is, it was the duke’s final decision to leave the inner-fold of the royal family to protect his wife and son, Archie Harrison.

“The decision that I have made for my wife and I to step back is not one I made lightly,” he said during a January 2020 speech.“It was so many months of talks after so many years of challenges. And I know I haven’t always got it right, but as far as this goes, there really was no other option.”

Having lived through the tragic death of his mother, Princess Diana, and seeing how unhappy the duchess was — the prince knew he needed to take drastic measures.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are more in love than ever

During the Sussexes’ final royal engagements, it was more clear than ever how in love the duke and duchess are with one another.

“They are besotted and very sweet with each other,” an insider told People. “It’s full throttle for them right now. They have a lot happening in 2020, and it will be really exciting to see.”

During one appearance, Meghan even wore a gorgeous love pendant that references a 19th-century French poem. It says, “Every day I love you more, more than yesterday less than tomorrow.”

Prince Harry gave a nod to Meghan Markle through his wardrobe

Though he’s never been shy about vocalizing his feelings for his wife, the Duke of Sussex used his final engagement as a senior royal to show her that he’s with her all the way.

The prince is known to switch up his style, pairing it with his approachable attitude. Instead of the traditional navy suits that his older brother, Prince William often wears, Prince Harry can be found rocking lighter shades of blue at various events and appearances. The duke’s suit for Commonwealth Day had an extra special touch.

Tailored by the master of British suiting Paul Smith — the Duke of Sussex’s suit lining was the same emerald green color as Meghan, Duchess of Sussex’s bespoke dress by Emilia Wickstead. The coordination proves just how in sync these two are.