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Like many of us, Prince Harry adores food. The Duke of Sussex loves burgers and pizza. Though he’s cleaned up his diet considerably since meeting Meghan Markle –he’s been known to indulge in some of his guilty pleasures every now and then. Though she is plant-based during the week –Markle is also quite the foodie, and one of the royal couple’s favorite pastimes is trying new foods and hitting up their favorite spots for some of their most favorite meals.

Apparently, the duke’s love of food is nothing new–even as a child he was never a picky eater, and he was always eager to try out new foods. He also had quite the sweet tooth (as most kiddos do).

This was Prince Harry’s favorite breakfast food as a child

While many of us were trying to convince our parents to let us have Honey-Nut Cheerios instead of the flavorless, plain original cereal–Prince Harry had a chef at his disposal to make him whatever he wanted. Princess Diana’s former royal chef, Carolyn Robb told The Sunday Times that she once served the red-headed prince an extra special treat for breakfast.

Robb served as the Executive Chef to TRH Prince Charles and Princess Diana for eleven years and also served other members of the Royal Family. She told the Sunday Times that one morning Prince Harry asked her for a treacle tart for breakfast. A treacle tart is a sugary dessert that consists of a buttery shortbread crust and molten goo of golden syrup. Robb informed the tiny prince that he would need his mum’s permission first and he later returned with a handwritten note from Princess Diana that read, “Mummy says it’s okay!” Robb said, “I have always treasured this wonderful little note.” The chef also revealed that Prince Harry’s other favorite sweet treat was a “chocolate biscuit cake.”

What are Prince Harry’s favorite foods?

Prince Harry loves to indulge in carbs. Though he’s cleaned up his diet quite a bit in recent years, the father-to-be adores pizza and can often be spotted grabbing a pie from some of London’s most famous pizza places. While Meghan Markle likes saltier flavors like french fries and mac and cheese, the Duke of Sussex has a massive sweet tooth and he can’t say no to banana-flavored desserts.

Can Prince Harry cook?

We don’t think that Prince Harry is an expert in the kitchen. In fact –we know for a fact that Meghan Markle does most of the cooking for the royal couple. In an article for People, several of the duchess‘ longtime girlfriends opened up about her life as a royal. One of Markle’s besties revealed, “We’ve all been to their cottage. It’s small and she’s made it cozy, but the perception of their lifestyle and the reality are two different things. Meg cooks for herself and Harry every single day.”

Being a member of the royal family seems glamorous, and we’re sure that it certainly has some perks. However, to keep a sense of normalcy and to connect with her husband, it looks like Markle makes an effort to prepare a meal for both of them each night. Not only does she love to cook –she was preparing a roasted chicken the evening Prince Harry proposed –it’s an act that also keeps her grounded and connected to her past life.

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