Prince Harry Just Announced His First Post-Royal Project HeadFIT

Things might not be going exactly according to plan for Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex following their exit from the British royal family, but they are trying to make the most of things. Following their final royal engagements in early March 2020, the Sussexes left the U.K. and headed back to their rental home on Vancouver Island in Canada.

The duo had hoped to move to Los Angeles, California, and launch their new venture Archewell, right away. Unfortunately, the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, halted any plans they had to embark on their new life. Now, the pair are hunkering down in Hollywood with their young son, Archie Harrison, only coming out to volunteer for various charity organizations.

However, now that much of the United States will reportedly go back to some semblance of normalcy in the coming months, Prince Harry has just announced his first solo, post-royal project. It centers a cause near and dear to his heart.

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Here we come Düsseldorf ! The new home for the 2022 and sixth Invictus Games. Having previously been held in London, Orlando, Toronto, Sydney, and upcoming The Hague this year in May – Düsseldorf will welcome over 500 competitors as they showcase their talents, determination and camaraderie to the world! The #InvictusGames is an international adaptive multi-sport event, created by The Duke of Sussex, in which wounded, injured or sick (WIS) armed services personnel and veterans show the world what they’re capable of in a series of adaptive sports, ranging from wheelchair basketball to indoor rowing. The Duke, having spent 10 years serving in the Armed Forces, set up the @WeAreInvictusGames to celebrate the power of sport rehabilitation (both physically and mentally) and to generate a wider appreciation for those who served their country beyond their time in uniform. Participating in the Games plays a significant part in the recovery journey of WIS Servicemen and women. It doesn’t just heal the individual, it heals the whole family. • “I hope everyone in Germany is ready for what will be an incredible week of sport! I have no doubt that the German public will get right behind these Games and that every single competitor can expect a warm welcome and an amazing atmosphere.” – The Duke of Sussex For more information of the announcement, visit Video © @WeAreInvictusGames

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Prince Harry wants to make his mark outside of the British royal family

For Prince Harry, being a member of the British royal family certainly had its ups and downs. He remembers how the press treated his mother, Princess Diana, and he also recalled his rebellious teens and early 20s, where he found himself splashed across newspapers and tabloids.

Leaving the royal family, and stepping outside of Prince William’s immense shadow will give him the opportunity to do the work that he loves on his own terms. Instead of being defined as the spare to the heir, he will simply be able to be known as, Harry.

“The couple’s future isn’t certain,” The Atlantic’s Caitlin Flanagan explained. “They are hugely appealing and glamorous. Everyone in Hollywood is eager to host them. The first few years of this plan are going to be heady. But — as Harry has often said — as soon as William’s three children become old enough to emerge as individual figures, the klieg lights will immediately turn to them. He is in a rush to make his mark and seems to treat life as a race, too.”

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are telling their side of the story

Though the Sussexes have been adamant about not taking on any projects that embarrass or make fun of the royal family, they want their voices heard. As a result, the pair have been collaborating with journalists Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand on a new biographical book, Thoroughly Modern Royals: The Real World of Meghan and Harry.

Set to be released on August 11, the book will allegedly cover the couple from Meghan’s introduction into the royal family through their final royal event, Commonwealth Day 2020. The book obviously seems exciting, but it certainly won’t be salacious especially since the pair have been reconnecting with the royal family.

Mostly, this will be an opportunity for the duchess, in particular, to get some things off of her chest.

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Spotlight on: Endeavour Fund Today we are taking a look back at the amazing work done by the @EndeavourFund, an organisation created by The Duke of Sussex to support the Armed Forces community. HRH was motivated by the ambitions of wounded, injured and sick (WIS) service personnel and veterans across the UK, who wanted to use sport and adventurous activity as part of their recovery. And what they choose to take on is extraordinary! These men and women break global records and set goals for those around the world – non-disabled and disabled alike, including:  The first amputee to cross Greenland icecap unsupported, the first triple amputee to qualify as a rescue diver, the fastest unsupported rowing time across the Atlantic, and so many more. The endeavours they take on are inspirational, but also have a tremendous impact on their physical, emotional and social recovery, as well as a lasting effect on the family and community around them. Since launching in 2012, the Endeavour Fund has supported nearly 6,000 WIS in sport and adventure challenges. As The Duke said, “The magic of the Endeavour Fund is that it enables those who had life changing injuries in their prime, many of whom felt defeated, to use the power of sport to find a new purpose. The renewed self-belief we see in everyone who participates, and how this transforms their lives and the lives of those around them is overwhelming. Beyond that, each man or woman who participates uses their endeavour as an opportunity to raise funds for another serviceman or woman who needs the same support they once did. It’s a powerful and meaningful process that I am so proud to be a part of.” • In 2019 alone, 17 grants were submitted benefitting nearly a thousand WIS and over 200 family and friends. 198 qualifications were gained and more than 80 are back in the workforce feeling fulfilled and with a renewed sense of purpose. Photo © Endeavour Fund

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Prince Harry just announced his first post-royal project

For the Duke of Sussex, living in LA is a wholly different world. Though Meghan is said to be settling into life in her hometown gracefully, reports are swirling that Prince Harry is struggling a bit. “Harry is hoping that once the lockdown is lifted things will be a lot easier and they will fall into step with the pace of life there,” a royal insider told Express. Still, when LA does lift their lockdown restrictions, the prince will dive back into work, full speed.

Harry has just launched HeadFIT, a platform that provides U.K. military personnel with 24/7 access to mental healthcare and advice. The duke, who spent 10 years in the military, first announced the project in October 2017, and it’s finally firing on all cylinders. The platform includes breathing and relaxation tools and can be accessed by active and retired members of the military.

“HeadFIT has been almost three years in the making, and I am extremely grateful for everyone who has been on this journey with us,” Prince Harry says in a statement. “I’ve long believed the military community should lead the way for the rest of society. For too long we have been waiting for problems to arise and then reacting to them. HeadFIT is a proactive approach to mental fitness, focusing on our own potential to increase our performance, using proven methods in sport science.”

It looks like the Sussexes are more than ready to get back to work.