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We’ve gotten used to seeing a certain look from Prince Harry, but it appears that he’s decided to switch things up.

Recently, the Duke of Sussex appeared in a video sharing his support for participants of a charity event where he was seen with a fresh new hairdo. He appeared to be speaking from inside the mansion he and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex share in Santa Barbara, California as he showed off a style that is shorter than usual and cropped close to his head.

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex at an event
Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex at an event in February 2020 in London, England | Hannah McKay – WPA Pool / Gettyimages

See Prince Harry’s new haircut

The Daily Mail reports that Prince Harry unveiled his new look in a message recorded in support of the Trailwalker Relay 2020 — a virtual event held by the Gurkha Welfare Trust and Oxfam GB with the goal of raising money to help those living in poverty. He had a short cut with a few spikes in the front as he spoke about the relay and his “special connection to Gurkhas and Nepal.”

He recalled, “Almost five years ago, I traveled to Nepal to meet families and see first hand how the country was rebuilding after the devastating 2015 earthquake. Buildings, temples, homes and entire villages had been completely demolished. It was clear despite everything the Nepalese faced, their spirit and resilience never weakened there was a clear sense of care and compassion for each other.”

He continued: “With Covid-19, the world is being pitted against a new challenge. One that is devastating and destructive in its own right and I am heartened to see that once again, the Nepalese spirit is unwavering.”

Going on, he thanked and praised those who would be participating in the relay, which reportedly runs through Sept. 27. “Doing this relay virtually is going to make it even more difficult than it already was, so you’re going to need to dig deep, physically and emotionally, to get you and your team across those 100km. I know you can do it, and with every step you take, just remember, you’re helping those that need it most. So, thank you, and good luck.” 

The change comes as he and Meghan Markle continue to hunker down at home

Ever since they stepped down as senior royals, Prince Harry and Meghan have kept a low-profile. After relocating to the United States in March, they spent some time at a mansion in Los Angeles that belongs to Tyler Perry before buying a home of their own in Santa Barbara.

Variety reports that it costs just over $14 million and comes with nine bedrooms, 16 bathrooms, and plenty of amazing amenities. Speaking to CNN, a spokesperson for the couple said that Prince Harry and Meghan moved in July.

Neither of them has said much about their living situation, but Meghan previously offered a glimpse inside earlier in September when she was on a video chat for a charity event. She was shown sitting in front of a stone fireplace with tall windows and cute decorations nearby.

Though things appear to be pretty lax now, it seems like their schedules will be a lot busier once the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis ends. In the months since leaving the royal family, Prince Harry and Meghan have signed several deals, including one for speaking engagements and another with Netflix that will see them creating all kinds of content, including children’s programs, documentaries, and more.