Prince Harry Is a ‘Lost Soul’ After Move to Los Angeles, Expert Claims

Since Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex left their royal duties, many fans of the royals have wondered how Prince Harry is adjusting to his new life in Los Angeles, far from the spotlight that had been so cruel. According to one expert, Prince Harry is having a hard time and is a “lost soul” after their exit.

Prince Harry watches children play rugby league prior to the draw for the Rugby League World Cup 2021
Prince Harry | JEREMY SELWYN/POOL/AFP via Getty Images

Prince Harry and Meghan settled in LA

After announcing their decision to step back from their royal duties and plans were finalized for their official last day on March 31, the Sussexes ended up in LA after spending some time in Canada. Their move happened amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, requiring them to stay at home and follow social distancing guidelines.

Prince Harry’s father, Prince Charles had also tested positive for coronavirus, so the distance from his family was likely to have caused Harry some homesickness.

According to royal author Tom Quinn, this adjustment might be harder for Prince Harry than Meghan, as he shared during Channel 5’s documentary Harry & Meghan: Two Troubled Years that he believes Harry will “be like a lost soul” in LA.

“It will be far worse for Harry in America than Meghan in England. Because he’s not as tough as she is,” Quinn stated.

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Prince Harry is missing the military

While he no doubt is missing his family, journalist Daisy McAndrew added that Prince Harry will miss the military work he used to do. “When he did leave, he clearly wasn’t ready or willing or able to completely sever those ties,” McAndrew explained.

She added, “Which is why he’s continued, not just with honorary titles but he wanted to really continue to support injured serviceman both with the walking charity and the Invictus Games.”

“That has really brought him a lot of happiness,” McAndrew noted. “I think that’s what he’s going to miss the most now that he’s not in the UK.”

This could be a ‘tough’ time for Harry

Before the worries about coronavirus made everything more complicated, royal photographer Arthur Edward shared with The Sun his thoughts on why Prince Harry might find this new chapter “tough.”

“When I see now this road he’s taken, where he’s got to, more or less, start a whole new career — I don’t feel sorry for him, I wish him well,” Edwards explained.

“But I hope after a year he rethinks and comes back and rejoins the firm,” Edwards added. “He’s a boy who’s never had to worry about parking his car, he’s never had to worry about sorting out his tax returns or his insurance.”

Edwards shared how the biggest hurdle is that Prince Harry has to tackle these new challenges himself. “All of this is going to be new to him,” the expert explained. “No one is going to do that for him now, he’s either going to have to do it himself or employ someone to do it.”

Edwards continued, “He’s going to find life, as most of us do, pretty tough. He’s 35 and he’s never had to do anything like that and he may wish he’d never gone down that road.”