Prince Harry Made it Clear in His Engagement Interview That He Would Never Leave Meghan Markle’s Side

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are thick as thieves. Despite what the couple’s haters say, it’s clear by their body language that they are very much in love. And through all the drama, Harry has continued to stick by Meghan’s side.

From the moment Harry and Meghan were engaged, he made it clear that he was never going to leave her, no matter how hard things could get. And so far, he’s kept his word.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle | Daniel Leal-Olivas/AFP via Getty Images

Meghan and Harry’s relationship has not been an easy one

When Meghan and Harry were first set up on blind date, neither knew where things would lead. However, it became clear very quickly that they had an incredible attraction to one another, and their relationship sped up. After only about a year and a half, Harry proposed; they planned a wedding in six months and were married while millions of people around the world watched.

As soon as they tied the knot, life became more complicated. Meghan had a difficult time resonating with the public as the media continued to publish negative stories about her. Though she and Harry tried their best to become well-liked, people had turned on Meghan before even giving her a chance — and it was likely due to the fact that, no matter how much good she did, the media always published the bad (and most stories were simply unconfirmed rumors).

Harry made it clear in an interview that he’s never leaving Meghan’s side

Though Harry and Meghan have been through a lot, he has stood by her despite the criticism. And he said from day one that that’s what he would do. When the two sat down for their first interview after announcing their engagement, Harry assured Meghan that he would never leave her side.

“Whatever we have to tackle, together or individually, it will always be us together as a team,” Harry said. “There’s a hell of a lot of stuff and work that needs doing… It’s going to be making sure that our relationship is always put first.” Meghan gave her then-fiancé a loving look as he spoke, and it was clear the two would always be on the same page about taking care of themselves before anything or anyone else.

Still, some experts believe the two will divorce  

Although Harry made it clear then — and still now, with the way he’s remained at Meghan’s side through it all — some experts still don’t think the couple’s relationship will last. Kelvin Mackenzie, former editor of The Sun, has followed the royal family for years — and he’s convinced that Meghan’s quick rise to the top could force a change in her that will eventually lead to the couple’s downfall.

“When the phone rings, it won’t be for him,” Mackenzie said, suggesting that Meghan will eventually become much more powerful than her husband now that they’ve left the family, and it might be the reason their marriage doesn’t last. Still, though, these two seem to be in a good place right now, and we’re rooting for them.