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A royal biographer claims Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been attempting “to create an alternative woke royal family” after they stepped down from their duties. According to Angela Levin, Meghan’s feelings of “bitterness” because she wanted to “modernize” the royal family factor into this.

Prince Harry and Meghan standing next to each other and smiling
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle | Samir Hussein/WireImage

Royal expert believes Prince Harry and Meghan Markle ‘are trying to create an alternative woke family’

Levin shared her thoughts with Daily Mail while discussing Prince Harry and Meghan’s upcoming UK visit, noting they “are very determined to show that their way is the best way.”

The author shared, “I’ve thought for a long time that Harry and Meghan are trying to create an alternative woke royal family, the grandeur and the pomp and circumstance that surrounds them.”

She continued, “When they went to America, when they went to the United Nations, and not just as somebody who’s interested and curious and one of us but with good credentials. They are people who are very determined to show that their way is the best way.”

Author believes Meghan harbors some ‘bitterness and resentment’

Levin further revealed her thoughts about how Meghan may be feeling “resentment toward the royal family” after she and Harry moved to the U.S.

“And I think Meghan, who doesn’t like losing, she likes to win, feels enormous bitterness and resentment towards the royal family for not letting her modernize the royal family,” the expert said.

“I may be wrong, I hope so, but the impression is that they don’t want to be royals yet they’re hanging on to their titles very, very tightly,” she noted.

Levin contends that Meghan using her title is revealing. “When Meghan goes anywhere, she always uses her royal title,” she said. “Now, why do that if you don’t actually like the royal family and you wanted to get shot of them?”

The biographer added, “So that’s why I think there’s a big plot and a plan to show how awful the [royal family] are. And I think that in Prince Harry’s books, and in that terrible interview with Oprah Winfrey, was trying to smash the royal family and the monarchy down.”


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Royal expert believes Harry and Meghan’s popularity could suffer

Royal commentator Neil Sean discussed how Prince Harry and Meghan’s popularity could take a hit because of their messaging.

“The problem for Harry and Meghan is simply this — and I’ve said this many times on the show — it’s going to be very difficult with their messaging,” he shared on his YouTube channel. “Their messaging is all woke and ‘poor me’ and victimhood.”

According to Sean, Harry and Meghan may want to shift their focus a bit to win over fans. “What people want in these very difficult times, particularly in the cost of living crisis times, is make sure that we see some glamour, be happy, smile, and make us feel a little bit better about our lives,” he said.