Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Subtle Body Language Clue Revealed They Were Eager to Leave Windsor Castle Walkabout ‘As Soon As Possible,’ Expert Says

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle displayed a subtle body language clue that they were eager to leave their recent appearance with Prince William and Kate Middleton, a body language expert explains.

Kate Middleton stared in Meghan Markle's direction while Prince William waved and Meghan and Prince Harry looked to the side
Prince William, Kate Middleton, Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle | Kirsty O’Connor – WPA Pool/Getty Images

Prince Harry’s feet indicated he and Meghan Markle wanted to leave Windsor Castle walkabout, expert says

On Sept. 10, Harry and Meghan made a surprise appearance with William and Kate at Windsor Castle. The couples arrived together in the same car, looked at tributes left for Queen Elizabeth following her death, and spoke with a crowd that had gathered.

At the end of the appearance, they prepared to leave and gave a last wave goodbye to the crowd of well-wishers.

A body language expert pointed to a small gesture that showed Harry and Meghan’s desire to leave as soon as possible.

Jesús Enrique Rosas, shared his analysis on The Body Language Guy YouTube channel, pointing out something that otherwise might have gone unnoticed.

“Remember the feet never lie, even if they have to stand in royal protocol fashion,” Rosas said while analyzing a photo of the “Fab Four.” 

“There’s a big difference between [Kate and William] and [Harry and Meghan]. It’s like Harry wants to go away,” Rosas noted. “Both women have their feet almost exactly alike,  but Harry’s feet are away from the Prince and Princess of Wales. He wants to go away.”

Rosas said that foot position can be very revealing. “You can’t help but notice the comparison between the two couples and one of the most telling factors in a picture in regards to body language are the feet because it’s not something that you’re going to be moving all the time,” he explained.

“In this moment, they are just standing, so Harry’s feet are telling that [they] wanted to leave as soon as possible,” Rosas added.

Expert looks at other body language clues during the appearance

Rosas also provided his analysis of each person and pointed out some tension he spotted. “In regards to hands, we can see that Catherine at that moment was a bit tense,” he explained. “You can see that she has her hands quite tense at that moment … when they were about to leave.”

“It’s nice that William was more relaxed at that moment,” Rosas said and pointed out Kate’s “genuine smile” as well.

Meghan’s hands in the photo also appeared tense as she hesitated with her wave. “Her hands, especially her right hand, were especially tense and it was that arm that Harry was touching at that moment,” Rosas said. “She was tense, very tense. Even the muscles of her forearm are jumping.”

Kate Middleton didn’t make eye contact with Meghan Markle during their appearance

Body language expert Dr. Lillian Glass shared their analyses of the appearance with Page Six. Both pointed out how Kate didn’t make eye contact with Meghan at all.

“While William was a bit more cordial, he was still serious around [Meghan] and didn’t show his usual megawatt smile,” Glass noted. “Kate even refused to even look at Meghan or in her direction.”

Glass continued, “She was being genuine. It was not in her heart to smile at Meghan, so she didn’t do it.”

By contrast, Glass said, Meghan “looked like a sad and desperate puppy as she tried to catch Kate’s eye gaze repeatedly. But Kate was having none of it.”

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