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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle curbed their usual hand holding during Queen Elizabeth’s funeral. One body language expert believes the couple wanted to keep with the “seriousness of the occasion.”

Prince William, Kate Middleton, Prince Harry, Meghan Markle body language at Queen Elizabeth funeral
Prince William, Kate Middleton, Prince Harry, Meghan Markle | Darren Fletcher – WPA Pool/Getty Images

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle showed respect at the queen’s funeral

Body language expert Katia Loisel shared her analysis of Prince Harry and Meghan’s “lack of affection” during Queen Elizabeth’s funeral. It was a drastic departure from their hand-holding during the queen’s service.

“In keeping with the seriousness of the occasion and a show of respect, Prince Harry and Meghan forewent their signature hand clasp in favor of a formal distance, walking side by side behind Prince William, Princess Kate, Charlotte, and George,” Loisel told 7Life.

“Whilst most in the procession walked with arms by their side, a somber Meghan kept her head bowed, eyes downcast and hands clasped in front, in a self-protective gesture indicating a level of discomfort or uncertainty, and perhaps as a sign of respect.”

Harry and Meghan displayed ‘lack of affection,’ expert says

Loisel pointed out how Harry and Meghan dialed down their typical “affectionate and tactile” displays in public. “It was interesting to note the lack of affection and mutual touch between Prince Harry and Meghan,” she explained.

“Whilst we see some postural echoing between the pair on a couple of occasions, their bodies orientated towards one another, for the most part they appeared to avoid contact tie signs such as their signature hand holds in favor of a more formal distance, perhaps as a show of respect or in response to recent criticism,” Loisel shared.


Prince William, Kate Middleton, Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle Appearance Didn’t Reveal Any Significant Bonding, Body Language Expert Says

Harry and Meghan have a ‘secret’ move to communicate without words

Body language expert Judi James explained Harry and Meghan’s “secret” way of communicating with each other without words. She explained to The Sun, “Meghan and Harry’s hand-hold ritual enables them to communicate quite complex messages to one another silently and without the need for eye contact.”

James examined how Harry and Meghan held hands following the queen’s service at Westminster Hall. “It is clearly a vital gesture for them, as we saw the immediate re-bonding yesterday at the end of a very emotional service,” she explained.

The expert pointed out how holding hands allows the couple “to feel inwardly secure in a loving team of two.”

Harry and Meghan use a “meshed fingered clasp” at times. “This is the most intimate hand clasp and a much more even one,” James explained. “It signals a deep desire for closeness and it is often the first one to go when a couple have been together for a long time.”

They also have “add-on silent signals” like stroking their partner’s hand or “subtler add-on squeezes or tugs within clasps” that you wouldn’t pick up on by looking at them.

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