Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Were All About the PDA During Their Final Royal Engagements

Things have changed a great deal for Meghan, Duchess of Sussex and Prince Harry since they first announced their engagement in November 2017. The pair went from being beloved in the U.K. to scrutinized at every turn. They’ve become parents to an adorable infant son, Archie Harrison, and they’ve also decided that royal life just isn’t for them.

After two years of living in the spotlight as senior members of the British royal family and enduring a great deal of scrutiny, racism and sexism — the Sussexes are pulling the plug. In early January 2020 — the duo announced they were stepping away as working members of the royal family to achieve a more peaceful life and financial independence.

Now, the pair is in the U.K. for their final engagements as working royals. Still, despite it all, there has been one thing that has remained constant — the duke and duchess’ constant adoration for one another.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have never been happier

Despite their explosive Megxit announcement, the duke and duchess have been able to stay intimately connected with one another in their new home on Vancouver Island in Canada. In fact, they’ve never been happier.

“They both love to be outside and have been loving it there,” a source revealed to People. “When they’re not doing yoga or eating in, Harry will pick up sandwiches at a local spot, and Meghan walks her beloved rescue beagle Guy and the couple’s adopted Labrador. They go for long walks, they do yoga, and Meghan cooks. They are real homebodies who love to chill out with Archie and the dogs.”

Meghan Markle wore a necklace showcasing her love for Prince Harry

Upon returning to the U.K., Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex had several independent engagements. However, the duchess was sure to showcase her love for her husband with her jewelry.

During an engagement, Meghan wore a gorgeous love pendant that references a 19th-century French poem. It says, “Every day I love you more, more than yesterday less than tomorrow.”

“They are besotted and very sweet with each other,” an insider told People. “It’s full throttle for them right now. They have a lot happening in 2020, and it will be really exciting to see.”

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been all about the PDA

The reason they’ve even be able to get to this point their Megxit process is because the duke and duchess are entirely committed to one another. Since the beginning, it’s been clear to us all how enamored they are with one another, and that hasn’t changed.

The duo attended The Mountbatten Music Festival in matching red outfits and during a standing ovation honoring them, a fan zoomed in on their hand holding to showcase just how in love and connected the Sussexes are. It’s clear that they are an anchor for one another.

Though PDA isn’t really a thing the royals are known for — that’s never stopped the Sussexes from touching one another or getting gooey-eyed with one another. It’s honestly, epic.