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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s body language in two new photos is very revealing, according to one expert. The way Meghan poses squarely to the camera with Harry behind her conveys a message of a ‘power couple’ who are ‘defiant.’

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle body language looks supportive as they smile and hold hands at an event
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle | Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s body language in new photos conveys ‘power couple’ message, expert says

Misan Harriman took the photos of Harry and Meghan when they attended the One Young World summit in September, where Meghan gave a speech at the opening ceremony.

In one image, Meghan faces the camera wearing all red, holding on to Prince Harry’s finger as he stands at an angle behind her. The other image, in black in white, shows a profile of the couple holding hands and looking into the audience.

Body language expert Judi James provided her analysis of the Harry and Meghan photos, telling MailOnline the Sussexes display the look of a “power couple.”

“Proud, defiant and apparently inspired, Harry and Meghan seem to re-define the term ‘power couple’ with this black and white shot,” James explained. “They ignore the camera here, with their eyes fixed on a more distant horizon. Their entwined fingers in their hand clasp lets us know they’re going ahead together although Harry’s rather dour expression is in contrast to Meghan’s optimistic and confident part-smile.”

In the other photo, James noted Meghan’s pose, pointing out how she was “standing leg-splayed confident and with a CEO-style part-smile.” She added, “Harry’s pose is one you might see on Dancing on Ice as someone leads their partner out, with an index-finger only hold here. His smile looks like a direct nod of pride to the camera.”

The expert further shared her analysis of the couple’s “more low-key and lowered-status appearances in the UK recently,” explaining, “It suggests challenge and confidence and the hand clasp with the entwined fingers signal they will face all of that together.”

James found Meghan’s position appropriate because she was speaking at the conference. “She looks the more dynamic though, with Harry’s focus on her as he seems to stand behind her slightly in a role of support,” she added.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry look ‘like dutiful superheroes,’ with Harry playing ‘supportive role,’ expert explains

James also shared her body language analysis of the photos with The Sun. “The body language in these official shots pins up the words ‘important couple’ in a way that is almost presidential or even, in the black and white shot, more like dutiful superheroes,” she shared.

“They also give Meghan the status edge, which would be apt at this point as it was her conference they were attending,” James added.

The expert again pointed out Meghan’s “confidence” with her body language and “firm eye gaze.”

James noted, “Her left arm is extended towards Harry and he holds her index finger, rather than performing their signature hand clasp. He is slightly behind his wife and with his torso turned in towards her to suggest a supportive role.”

She also called Meghan’s expression “business-like” and pointed to Harry’s “knowing smile,” calling it “almost fun-based.”

In the black and white shot, James shared, “Meghan’s back is straight and this time they hold hands with their fingers entwined to show complete togetherness. They look set to save the planet here, with Harry’s face especially serious.”


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Meghan appears ‘dynamic and powerful’ in the photos, expert notes

James also provided an analysis to Metro, calling Meghan “dynamic” in the photo with the red outfit.  “If you could bottle resilience and confidence it might look like this, especially from Meghan who looks dynamic and powerful.”

The expert pointed out that “Harry lingers behind slightly, torso turned to her and clinging to her index finger as though keen to add some back-up and support.”

James said of the black and white photo, “Meghan’s smile and her upright back suggest a sense of destiny and that hand clasp involves linked fingers to signal total unity.”

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