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A body language expert analyzed Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s appearance at the Invictus Games. She found some interesting behaviors and gestures, pointing out how the Sussexes were “ramping up the drama” for the Netflix camera crew who were filming the couple.

Prince Harry wears a dark jacket and Meghan Markle wears a white pant suit during their appearance at the Invictus Games
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle | Samir Hussein/WireImage

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle attended the Invictus Games

Harry and Meghan were on hand with a camera crew for the Invictus Games in the Netherlands. Body language expert Judi James analyzed their appearances, telling MailOnline how the Sussexes might be “ramping up the drama” for the camera.

“As any reality star knows, it’s impossible to be followed closely by a camera crew without being aware of your body language responses and maybe ramping up the drama consciously or subconsciously as you internally analyze how each scene is going to look in the final production,” James explained.

“Emotions need to be visible and clearly translatable as you record your performance, which can often lead to over-played or over-kill rituals,” she continued.

James added, “Meghan looks pitch-perfect for her body language messaging here though, showing congruent excitement, delight and enthusiasm as she responds to the sports she is watching.”

Harry and Meghan shared “one powerful moment” when they both were captured “open-mouthed in shock” while watching the Jaguar Land Rover Driving Challenge ahead of the Invictus Games opening ceremony.

Meghan’s gestures showed ‘royal pose’ and ‘duchess slant’

James looked at the “confident clarity about Meghan’s body language,” her “upbeat emotional signaling,” and the way she held Harry’s hand while placing her other hand on his arm “to increase the message of affection and togetherness.”

The body language expert noted, “Her ‘royal’ pose for the official US delegation photos shows echoes of the induction training she did with the queen, with her straight back, elegant hand clasp and even the ‘duchess slant’ positioning of her legs suggesting she still retains many of those traits from her time in the royal firm.” Meghan’s handshake, according to James, was “so sweetly like the shake Diana used to do, with the shoulder of the hand doing the shaking hunched up to both control the strap of her handbag and to signal status and social modesty as she shakes.”

James noted the way Meghan tilted her head was reminiscent of the “slightly bashful, friendly tie-sign Diana would add to her greeting rituals.”


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Harry showed confidence but also ‘mixed emotions,’ according to body language expert

The expert found Meghan’s gestures showed “pride and enthusiasm,” while “Harry’s responses seem rather more complex, suggesting he is suffering from mixed emotions at the event and possibly at the meeting in the UK that preceded it.”

James pointed out how “Harry’s body language so far has been shown lurching between the emotional highs of being with the people he loves at the event he adores and something that has looked at times sadder and more reflective.”

She explained, “He arrived striding ahead with all the confidence of a leader but today the emotional side of the event seems to have affected him alongside the excitement of the sports themselves.”

James shared that Harry had an “emotional display at the arrival ceremony” that “showed him looking more distressed or choked with tears than ever before” with his eyebrows and lips showing “a signal of growing emotion before we see that iconic moment that his head drops as he looks overwhelmed, his right hand clenching and then fiddling in a diversion ritual.”

Meghan offered her support with “a nurturing hand” placed over Harry’s hand.

At one point, Harry had his hands in his jean pockets and “just bends his head to listen with no apparent eye contact,” James shared.

She added, “These moments suggest deeper emotions running under his obvious delight and love of the event and its participants, whereas Meghan’s displays look far more simple and clear.”