Prince Harry Really Misses Canada Now That He’s Living in LA, Source Claims

When Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex revealed they were resigning as senior working members of the British royal family, many people were taken aback. Most royal fans and experts knew that the couple was struggling in their high profile positions. However, washing their hands of the royal family altogether seemed extreme.

Shortly after announcing Megxit, the pair left the U.K. for their rented home on Vancouver Island in Canada. The quiet, picturesque location seemed like the perfect place for the pair to raise their son away from the spotlight. They could also find the peace that they’ve so desperately desired. However, it turns out that Vancouver Island was a temporary location for the Sussexes.

After completing their final royal engagements in early March, the pair have moved to Los Angeles, California permanently. It’s a move that no one expected. Now royal exerts believe the prince is desperate to return to Canada.

Moving to Los Angeles was a bold move for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

LA is the Duchess of Sussex’s hometown, and it’s close to a powerhouse Hollywood team for the launch of the Archewell brand. However, Hollywood is right in the center of everything which certainly won’t provide them with the privacy and peaceful life that they desire.

Still, one royal expert believes that this bold move might just pay off for the pair, especially for the Duke of Sussex.

“I feel like he has found somebody that he can be emotionally open with and I think that’s a really good thing… Family becomes the most important thing,” British aristocrat Lady Julie Montagu explained to Town & Country. “I always say whenever you meet an American, you know their life story within 24 hours… We’re very emotionally open, which I think for Harry is actually a really good thing. He’ll be able to talk about his feelings, probably more than he was able to talk about over here. I wouldn’t be surprised if we start to hear a little bit more about how he feels about losing his mother at age 12, and maybe how he and Megan were treated in the press over here.”

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Spotlight on: Endeavour Fund Today we are taking a look back at the amazing work done by the @EndeavourFund, an organisation created by The Duke of Sussex to support the Armed Forces community. HRH was motivated by the ambitions of wounded, injured and sick (WIS) service personnel and veterans across the UK, who wanted to use sport and adventurous activity as part of their recovery. And what they choose to take on is extraordinary! These men and women break global records and set goals for those around the world – non-disabled and disabled alike, including:  The first amputee to cross Greenland icecap unsupported, the first triple amputee to qualify as a rescue diver, the fastest unsupported rowing time across the Atlantic, and so many more. The endeavours they take on are inspirational, but also have a tremendous impact on their physical, emotional and social recovery, as well as a lasting effect on the family and community around them. Since launching in 2012, the Endeavour Fund has supported nearly 6,000 WIS in sport and adventure challenges. As The Duke said, “The magic of the Endeavour Fund is that it enables those who had life changing injuries in their prime, many of whom felt defeated, to use the power of sport to find a new purpose. The renewed self-belief we see in everyone who participates, and how this transforms their lives and the lives of those around them is overwhelming. Beyond that, each man or woman who participates uses their endeavour as an opportunity to raise funds for another serviceman or woman who needs the same support they once did. It’s a powerful and meaningful process that I am so proud to be a part of.” • In 2019 alone, 17 grants were submitted benefitting nearly a thousand WIS and over 200 family and friends. 198 qualifications were gained and more than 80 are back in the workforce feeling fulfilled and with a renewed sense of purpose. Photo © Endeavour Fund

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Prince Harry may be having second thoughts about LA

LA, especially amongst the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is a massive adjustment for the duke who has spent his entire life in the U.K. In fact, there are some clues that he’s having some second thoughts about the move.

“The Duke has not made an application for dual citizenship and I don’t think he will apply for a green card at any point,” a royal insider told The Times. If Prince Harry doesn’t apply for a green card, it means he has no plans on being a permanent resident of the U.S.

The Duchess of Sussex and Archie Harrison are U.S. citizens so they can stay in the States permanently if they choose.

Prince Harry misses Canada

It appears like LA hasn’t been as quiet and peaceful as life on Vancouver Island. “Harry absolutely loved life in Canada and has made no secret of how much he misses life there,” a royal insider told Express. “The time that he spent there with Meghan and Archie is probably the happiest he has ever been. Harry misses the pace of life there and the fact they were living in a really secluded place where they could be themselves, relax and enjoy life. The biggest issue really has been the timing. Moving at the moment is incredibly difficult. Harry and Meghan have uprooted their life and have been unable to properly immerse themselves into LA life and get settled. Harry is hoping that once the lockdown is lifted things will be a lot easier and they will fall into step with the pace of life there.”

It looks like LA might not be the Sussexes’ final stop after all.