Prince Harry Is Going to Find Normal Life Very Challenging

Though he’s already completed his final royal engagements as a senior member of the British royal family, Prince Harry is still in the U.K. His wife, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex has returned to Canada to be with their son, Archie Harrison amid the coronavirus outbreak. However, the duke is still plotting his next moves following Megxit.

As of April 1, 2020, the Susssexes will no longer be senior working members of the royal family. As a result, they will no longer be beholden to royal rules and they will also become financially independent whole focusing on projects and charity work that speaks to them.

Though the pair have already been testing out “normal life” since late 2019 while living on Vancouver Island in Canada, royal experts are concerned that Prince Harry will find life post-Megxit too challenging.

Royal experts and Queen Elizabeth are deeply concerned about Megxit

Though the Sussexes seem happier than they’ve ever been, what they are doing is unprecedented. As a result, no one, including Queen Elizabeth believes that Megxit will actually work.

“Of course they are besotted with each other,” royal expert Camilla Tominey told ITV News. “But that’s not to say the love they have for each other and their child and their dream life in North America that they’re not going to face challenges. And that it’s not going to be difficult particularly for Prince Harry to leave everything that he’s known. This is an institution he was born into, he knows nothing else.”

Additionally. the queen has put a 12-month review clause in the Sussexes’ Megxit agreement. “Putting that 12-month review in place goes to show you that the Queen will be watching them like a hawk,” Julie Montagu Viscountess Hinchingbrooke said in the Channel 5 documentary, Royals: A family in crisis. “She will want to see everything that they are doing, what they are making money from and how it is affecting the Royal Family. So there must be some concern from the Queen about what their intentions are.”

Many royal experts are convinced that the duke and duchess or at least Prince Harry, will eventually return to the royal fold.

Prince Harry thinks he’s more normal than the rest of his family

Though he’s been a member of the British royal family for his entire life — the prince is also used to doing everyday tasks. On Vancouver Island, he and Meghan, live like a regular young couple with a young child.

According to the prince — the military prepared him for a no-frills existence. “You forget, I was in the military for ten years so I’m more normal than my family would like to believe,” he quipped during a leaked phone call. “But certainly being in a different position now gives us the ability to say things and do things that we might not have been able to do. And seeing as everyone under the age of 35 or 36 seems to be carrying out an activist’s role, gives us the opportunity to try and make more of a difference without being criticized. Oh no, I think it’s much better.”

Royal experts believe Prince Harry will find non-royal life too challenging

Most royal fans and experts believe that the prince is making a grave error and that he will deeply regret his decision to choose his wife’s peace and happiness over his family.

“I hope after a year he rethinks and comes back and rejoins the firm,” royal photographer Arthur Edwards told The Sun. “He’s a boy who’s never had to worry about parking his car, he’s never had to worry about sorting out his tax returns or his insurance. All of this is going to be new to him. No one is going to do that for him now, he’s either going to have to do it himself or employ someone to do it. He’s going to find life, as most of us do, pretty tough. He’s 35 and he’s never had to do anything like that and he may wish he’d never gone down that road.”