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A body language expert analyzed Prince Harry’s facial expressions during the queen’s funeral, particularly one moment he appeared to show “regret.” The expert picked up on some subtle signs that revealed Harry’s feelings during the sad occasion.

Prince William and Prince Harry walk together at Queen Elizabeth's funeral
Prince William and Prince Harry | Chris Ratcliffe/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Prince Harry showed ‘sadness and regret,’ body language expert says

Body language expert Judi James shared her analysis of Prince Harry at the somber event, noting how she saw a hint of regret in a glance Harry gave to William.

“During the service he was dabbing tears as well as tending to look around a lot and there were at least two occasions when his gaze that was more of a stare appeared directed at William,” James explained to The Sun.

“His expression suggested sadness and possible regret,” she said.

Expert points out Prince Harry’s ‘emotional display’ at queen’s funeral

The occasion was filled was sadness and, as the brothers prepared to walk behind the coffin following the service, James said Harry put on an “emotional display.”

She explained, “Standing in line he watched as the brother he had once been so close to; the nephew he had adored playing with, and the sister-in-law he had viewed as his own sister filed in front of him with not one glance in his direction.”

James continued, “His face seemed to pucker into a more intense signal of grief and his lips sucked in again.”

Harry seemed to be suppressing tension between himself and William, James noted. “Following the coffin beside his brother there were some suppressed signals of tension, like the sucked-in lip,” she noted. “But when the coffin was being lowered he did a repeat of the shoulder-rolling gesture from the last walk.”

James explained, “He appeared to not only be bracing or steeling himself for the service inside but also mimicking the gesture the coffin bearers were doing in what looked like a desire to take a more active role himself.”


Prince William, Kate Middleton, Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle Appearance Didn’t Reveal Any Significant Bonding, Body Language Expert Says

Prince Harry and Prince William are taking ‘baby steps’ toward mending their relationship

When Prince William extended an olive branch to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to join him and Kate Middleton for a walkabout at Windsor Castle, many wondered if their relationship was on the mend. According to James, they are taking “baby steps” at reconciliation.

James explained to The Sun, “This is a phenomenal display of unity between William and Harry. As an intentional gesture, it implies unity and some bonding prompted by mutual grief.”

The expert pointed out the brothers weren’t exceptionally warm to one another during the appearance. “Arriving and leaving together signals proximity and shared conversations and although there are no overkill displays of hugging or touch, these do look like baby steps that build on Charles’ declaration of love for his youngest son and his wife,” she said.

James noted that William and Harry’s “intense mirroring rituals,” are “the most telling body language.”

She explained, “Their poses and gestures are often identical, hinting at strong subliminal bonds that exist despite all the rifts.”