Prince Harry Has Received ‘Unfair Criticism’ Over His ‘Silence’ to Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee, Expert Says

Queen Elizabeth recently celebrated her Platinum Jubilee, which marks the 70th year of her reign. The joyous event was celebrated in the United Kingdom and other Commonwealth countries.

Many people noticed that Prince Harry did not issue a statement congratulating Queen Elizabeth. This has led to criticism against the Duke of Sussex. However, according to a royal expert, Harry may have received “unfair criticism.”

Prince Harry looking on, close up
Prince Harry | Jeremy Selwyn – WPA Pool/Getty Images

An expert has 1 theory as to why Prince Harry did not say anything

During her Platinum Jubilee, Queen Elizabeth announced that she would support Prince Charles becoming king and Camilla Parker Bowles becoming queen consort. Some people believe that Her Majesty’s support for Camilla becoming queen consort is one reason why Harry remained silent.

Body language expert Jesús Enrique Rosas, who specializes in analyses of royals, pointed out in a video that Harry is rumored to be mentioning Camilla a lot in his upcoming memoir. Rosas believes that Harry could focus on memories of “his parents’ troubles,” which means Camilla is “an integral part of that narrative.”

Meanwhile, journalist Jack Royston pointed out in an article for Newsweek that Harry opened up about Princess Diana’s humanitarian work just days after the queen’s statement on Camilla.

Prince Harry has received ‘unfair criticism’ over this, according to a royal expert

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However, some people believe that the criticism toward Harry has been rather “unfair.”

“I think it’s quite important to stress … that apart from the Prince of Wales, we’ve seen no official reaction from members of the royal family,” journalist Rebecca English said on Mail Plus’ Palace Confidential series. 

English added, “They’ll have a chance to congratulate the queen on her long service during the course of the year, and to come and congratulate Camilla on becoming queen consort when she dies—it’s just a little bit distasteful. So obviously the Prince of Wales reacted formally to it because he needed to, but we haven’t heard from the rest of the family.”

Because of this, English felt that Harry may have received “unfair criticism” over his silence.

Another royal expert, Natalie Oliveri, also made a similar remark on the Australian Today show. Oliveri said, “There has been no official word of congratulations from Prince William and Kate either. The only thing they did was like a tweet from the Royal Family social media accounts so I can’t really say that’s an official show of support there either.”

Prince William is reportedly supportive of Camilla Parker Bowles becoming queen consort

According to English, William was also reportedly put in a “difficult situation” given his parents’ history with Camilla. However, English alleged that he is “supportive” of Camilla becoming queen consort.

“I spoke to contacts of mine who told me that William was supportive of the queen’s decision,” she said. “It’s a very difficult situation for him. It’s really conflicting for him because of everything that’s gone on in the past, but he respects his grandmother and his father’s judgment, and if that’s what they want to do, then he will accept and support that.”

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