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Prince Harry is reportedly so determined to fix his relationship with Prince William that he wants to hire a mediator. According to one royal expert, Harry is committed to finding a resolution after the brothers had a falling out.

Prince William and Prince Harry wear suits as they walk and talk during their arrival for the unveiling of a Princess Diana statue in the Sunken Garden at Kensington Palace
Prince William and Prince Harry | Yui Mok – WPA Pool/Getty Images

Prince Harry wants a mediator to help mend Prince William rift

Prince Harry wants to work with a mediator to resolve the feud with Prince William, royal expert Katie Nicholl told ET. “Harry, I’m told, suggested perhaps that they might get some sort of a mediator in on sort of these talks, to make some progress,” Nicholl explained.

“It was something that he had suggested to his father,” the expert added. “He’s made it very clear that he wants to sort things out. He wants things to be improved.”

Prince Harry reportedly wants to come to the U.K. for the queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations in June and being on better terms with Prince William and their father, Prince Charles, is a priority.

“I think, possibly, that suggestion of a mediator is probably less the relationship with his father because his father is open to wanting to sort things out,” Nicholl said.

She continued, “I would imagine it’s more to do with his brother. I would imagine that that idea of wanting a mediator is probably more to do with him and William. His relationship, really, is at a bit of a crossroads. We have been told for many months now that they’re not close at the moment. It has been very, very difficult.”

Prince Harry didn’t see Prince William during recent visit with the queen

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle visited with the queen on their way to the Invictus Games in The Hague, Netherlands. Harry didn’t see William, however, as he was on a family ski trip.

“I think people will read into William, perhaps, deliberately not being here in that same week that his brother was coming over,” Nicholl said. “I don’t think it was deliberately staged like that, personally, and I think William and Kate have a limited period of holiday.”

She continued, “Over Easter, they wanted to take the children skiing. I think what wasn’t clear, was that once Harry’s trip was confirmed and it was all going ahead, William wasn’t going to change his holiday plans to come back or cut short his holiday in order to see his brother.”

She added, “And don’t forget, when William had a party over here last year to thank those that had been involved with the Diana statue, he didn’t actually invite Harry to that. He didn’t ask him to come back over from the States for it, so I think that’s some indication as to how tense and how difficult that relationship is, and that may well be why Harry suggested to his father that they may need something of a mediator in all of this, because it’s a sticky relationship here.”

Nicholl added, “The one that’s much harder to get back on an even track is William and Harry.” 


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Harry is making an effort to begin to repair ‘a very icy relationship’

Prince Harry’s efforts to see his family are indicative of him wanting to heal some of the family tensions, Nicholl said.

“Harry has come over to Europe. He’s made this detour to the U.K., very much wanting to meet with some of his family,” she noted. “He was very keen to see his grandmother, he was very keen to see his father and he is hoping that these talks will be the beginning of a thaw in what, up until now, has been a very icy relationship.”