Prince Harry’s Biographer Says Duke Is Completely ‘Unrecognizable’ From the Man She Knew Just a Few Years Ago

There have been a lot of big changes in Prince Harry‘s life over the past few years. In 2018, he married Meghan Markle. The following year, they had a son together. And in 2020, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex stepped down from their roles as senior royals. They then moved to California and welcomed their second child.

Now, an author who spent time with Harry when she wrote his 2018 biography has said she’s noticed major changes in him. She claims he’s gone from someone who was “charismatic and intuitive” to a “bitter, angry and hard done by.”

Prince Harry dressed in a tuxedo and speaking on stage at the Intrepid Museum
Prince Harry speaks at the Intrepid Museum. | Theo Wargo/Getty Images for Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum

What Prince Harry spoke to his biographer about

Angela Levin, author of Harry: Conversations with the Prince, interviewed Harry about a number of topics in his life.

The duke spoke candidly about everything from his time in the army and wanting to leave the royal family then to how Prince William, not Meghan, convinced him to go to therapy. But a lot has transpired since Harry left his royal role. Levin said the person she got to know and spend time with is totally different from the man who criticized his father and other members of his family publicly.

Prince Harry in uniform saluting with other British troops and service personnel
Prince Harry with other British troops and service personnel | Matt Cardy/Getty Images

Author says the duke is ‘unrecognizable’ from the man she met

During a segment on GB News, the biographer said that the Prince Harry she knew then and the one she knows now are two different people.

“[He’s] unrecognizable. I spent over a year with Prince Harry: he was charismatic, he was intuitive like his mother, brilliant with people who had been amazed physically or mentally, very funny,” she explained (per Express). “There was the occasional dark cloud that came over him, you could see that he had difficulties in his life but he was terrific, I really enjoyed every minute I spent with him.”

However, she went on to claim: “Now he is bitter, he is angry, he feels hard done by, which is astonishing for somebody who is living in a million-pound house with 16 toilets. And he feels he has got to have to revenge, that is the real world and that is what is so terrible. He wants revenge on the royal family for how they have treated him and his mother.”

Prince Harry standing outside St. George's Chapel for Prince Philip's funeral
Prince Harry outside St. George’s Chapel for Prince Philip’s funeral | Victoria Jones – WPA Pool/Getty Images

Levin also spoke about how Harry’s feelings for Prince Charles have shifted

Levin also pointed out how Harry’s feelings toward his father have changed following what she described as “a very moving conversation” about Prince Charles.

The author recalled: “I remember when Prince Harry was the guest editor on the Today Programme, he could have several people along who he wanted to talk to about various issues he cared about. He also chose to have his father there and it was the most moving conversation you could imagine, where he apologized for being rude about him, how he realized as he got older how wonderful he was.”

She added: “It was very warming, and now suddenly [Charles] is a monster. [Harry] just doesn’t like his father and does anything to upset him.”

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