Prince Harry’s Decision to Leave the Royal Family Has Left British Troops ‘Disgusted’ Claims War Hero

British troops are not happy about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s decision to leave the royal family. Some members of the British military are even calling for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to renounce their titles if they move to Canada following their shocking announcement on social media. While people in the U.K. are up in arms about their decision, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, is already lining up deals to become financially independent.

Prince Harry
Prince Harry | Ben Stansall – WPA Pool/Getty Images

British troops disgusted with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

James Glancy, who used to be a captain in the Royal Marines, commended Harry for serving two tours in Afghanistan. Although he called Prince Harry’s charitable work “brilliant,” Glancy believes Harry should quit his post as the Royal Marines Captain General.

“His behavior in the last year is not becoming of somebody that holds these important positions,” Glancy shared. “Now I’ve spoken to other Royal Marines, and other people in the military, and they’re very upset if not disgusted at the disrespect to the Queen by not discussing this.”

Glancy’s statement references earlier reports that Prince Harry and Meghan did not tell Queen Elizabeth about their plans ahead of time. The palace was reportedly blindsided by the move, leaving the royals scrambling to put the pieces back together. 

According to Page Six, Glancy added that he will no longer be toasting Harry if he follows through with his plan to leave the inner circle of the royal family.

Taking to Instagram, Prince Harry and Meghan recently announced that they want to step down from being senior members of the royal family. They also want to become financially independent and split their time between the U.K. and Canada.

How do British troops feel about Prince Harry’s move to Canada?

Although Glancy was very opinionated about Prince Harry and Meghan’s decision, he noted that they should be allowed to move to Canada and make a life for themselves.

But if they follow through with their plan, Glancy believes they should be required to give up their titles and all of the privileges that come with being members of the royal family.

“You don’t sit as captain general, or in any other position, and make millions of pounds because that opportunity is not available to a soldier, to a marine, who is on [$25,000] a year,” Glancy stated.

Turning the discussion to Meghan, Glancy admitted that he understands why everyone is mad at her for wanting to “privatize the monarchy.” At the end of the day, Glancy believes that the move is entirely unacceptable.

There are still a lot of logistics to work out in relocating Prince Harry and Meghan to Canada. Not only will they have to purchase a home, but they will also need to provide security around the clock – an expensive undertaking without the backing of the crown.

Meghan Markle making deals

In light of the couple’s decision to become financially independent, Meghan has been working behind the scenes to land new gigs. It hasn’t even been a week since they made the announcement, yet Meghan is reportedly in talks with major fashion brands about partnering up.

An inside source claims that Givenchy is at the top of Meghan’s list, and the former Suits star could land a deal worth millions.

“Meghan is very connected in the fashion industry and there are a lot of major labels who would like to partner with her on projects,” the insider dished. “There have already been active discussions with Givenchy.”

The source believes that Meghan will merge the new deal with her charitable organization, Sussex Royal, which she and Prince Harry launched last year. They are expected to continue working with the organization and will likely set up a second base in North America.

As royal watchers will recall, Meghan and Harry filed for a trademark of their company last year that encompassed over 100 different areas, including magazines, clothing, and stationery.

Inside Meghan Markle’s plan to make money

The news of Meghan partnering with fashion brands is not a huge shocker. The Duchess of Sussex has become somewhat of a fashion icon since she joined the royal family, and things she wears in public typically go out of stock within the hour.

That said, Meghan was not allowed to accept fashion gifts from companies or discuss her connections in public. The royals even asked one of Meghan’s dearest jewelry designers to stop posting photos of her wearing her items on social media.

Despite the restrictions, Meghan partnered with a company called Smart Works a few months ago to launch a collection of clothing for women. Meghan collaborated with her good friend, Misha Nonoo, for the line.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have not commented on the backlash they have received over their shocking announcement. Meghan recently flew back to Canada while Prince Harry is reportedly still holding meetings with Queen Elizabeth about their exit.