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Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, have been trying to rebrand themselves and will reportedly be working on individual projects in the future that do not include royal bashing. However, the Duke of Sussex is under contract to write two more books for Penguin Random House which could mean that Harry isn’t quite done talking about his estranged family just yet.

When the prince’s first book Spare was released in January 2023, it broke Guinness World Records becoming the fastest-selling non-fiction book of all time. Just six months later though, the duke’s memoir isn’t staying on people’s bookshelves and has now become one of the most discarded books.

Prince Harry's memoir 'Spare' half price at a bookstore in London
Prince Harry’s memoir ‘Spare’ half price at a bookstore in London | Mike Kemp/In Pictures via Getty Images

Tourism company finds Prince Harry’s ‘Spare’ is the most-discarded book

The New York Post has reported that the tourism company On The Beach says it’s found over 100 copies of Harry’s memoir dumped in hotel rooms, trash cans, and left poolside at various resorts in Spain, Greece, and Turkey since its release.

“We’ve never witnessed anything quite like it,” said chief customer officer Zoe Harris. “Lost property offices in our most popular resorts are brimming with copies of Spare. We thought it was funny at first but, over the past few months, several other hotels have been sending the books back.”

Commentator gives reasons why the duke’s book is being left behind

During an appearance on Sky News Australia, royal writer and broadcaster Esther Krakue spoke about why the prince’s memoir is now being tossed away and left behind by travelers.

Stacks of Prince Harry's book 'Spare' on sale at Heathrow Airport
Stacks of Prince Harry’s book ‘Spare’ on sale at Heathrow Airport | Andrew Lichtenstein/Corbis via Getty Images

“There have been over 100 copies of Spare left at hotels, on beaches, in restaurants at all sorts of holiday resorts,” she said. “So what it looks like is the hype and sensationalism of the book has died down.”

Krakue continued: “Now we obviously understand why the book became a best-seller. This was completely out of the ordinary. What was at one point the third-in-line to the throne was now writing a sensationalist book about his traumatic experience in the royal family, according to his account on that matter, and people were interested. People wanted to know what Prince Harry had to say. But eventually, it dawned on people that it was a very empty book. It sounded like a bit of a whinge fest. The reality is it was just sensationalist hype, and that hype will eventually die down.

“This is a book with very little consequence. Nobody’s really going to be remembering Prince Harry’s book Spare 100 years from now as some piece of grand non-fiction … At the end of the day it’s just his account of what happened and there are always three sides to every story … And unfortunately, two of those three sides are missing and we’ll never find out. So I think people are starting to understand why taking the word of someone like Prince Harry at face value would be unwise.”

What Harry has said about the response his memoir has gotten

Prince Harry
Prince Harry slightly smiling | Jeremy Selwyn – WPA Pool/Getty Images

After Spare‘s initial release, Prince Harry reportedly talked to a guest at Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi’s wedding vow renewal ceremony which he and Meghan also attended. That person said they spoke to the prince about his memoir and revealed to Page Six that he was very pleased with the success it had.

“Harry said he was really happy about the success of the book and the reaction to it,” the fellow guest told the publication. “He said he had no regrets about any of the revelations, and he’s relieved to have gotten his story out into the world.”

No word on how the duke feels now that Spare‘s the most discarded book of the summer.