Why Is Prince Harry a Duke of Sussex? Everything We Know About His Royal Title

In the royal family, official titles are a big deal. They not only determine different branches of the family, but they also honor those with important roles. Case in point: Prince Harry’s royal title is one of the highest ranking in the family. With that said, there is some confusion between princes and dukes — particularly when it comes to Prince Harry’s peerage.

Prince Harry

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Ahead, we answer all your questions about Prince Harry’s royal title, including “why is Prince Harry a Duke of Sussex?”

Why is Prince Harry a Duke of Sussex?

On his royal wedding day, the palace announced a new official title for Prince Harry: The Duke of Sussex. However, as a member of royalty, he already had a royal title. So, why is Prince Harry a Duke of Sussex? According to the royal family peerage, a king or queen typically grants such status to their sons or grandsons upon marriage or majority. And, throughout most of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign, only full-time or high-ranking royals (such as the heir’s sons) qualify.

As a full-time family member and son of Prince Charles, Prince Harry’s dukedom was a long time coming. From his charity work to his representation of the family, the Duke of Sussex worked hard to earn such status and continues to do so. That said, his dukedom isn’t the only way Queen Elizabeth II honors her grandson’s work.

Prince Harry’s royal titles

Now that he is married with a dukedom, Prince Harry’s royal titles likely won’t change again. Unlike Prince William — who will go on to become the heir apparent (with respective title changes) and monarch — Prince Harry’s chances of becoming king are slim. However, Duke of Sussex isn’t his only title option. In fact, Prince Harry has multiple royal titles to choose from, depending on where and what his duties entail.

Curious to know more? We’ve got the details on Prince Harry’s royal titles, below.

His Royal Highness Prince Henry of Wales

Before marrying Meghan Markle, Prince Harry’s royal title was Prince Henry of Wales. As the Prince of Wales’ (Prince Charles) son, Harry was automatically born into a royal title, which included “Wales” as a way to connect his royal title to that of his parents.

His Royal Highness, The Duke of Sussex

On his royal wedding day, Queen Elizabeth II and the palace announced Prince Harry’s new royal title. The queen’s grandson is now officially His Royal Highness, The Duke of Sussex. Prince Harry’s royal title is also sometimes stylized as Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex or simply the Duke of Sussex.

Earl of Dumbarton

Prince Harry’s royal title changes, depending on where he is. Case in point: When on official business in Scotland, he goes by the Earl of Dumbarton. Queen Elizabeth II granted him this official title on his wedding day.

Baron Kilkeel

When Prince Harry is in Northern Ireland, he doesn’t go by the Duke of Sussex. Instead, Prince Harry’s royal title is Baron Kilkeel. Much like his dukedom, he received this royal peerage on his wedding day.

Knight Commander of the Royal Victorian Order

Prince Harry is also a knight. In 2015, Queen Elizabeth II knighted her grandson for his services and was appointed Knight Commander of the Royal Victorian Order. However, since his other royal titles are of a much higher ranking, he does not use a “Sir” title.

Captain Harry Wales

Before his wedding, Prince Harry occasionally used both Mountbatten-Windsor and Wales as a sir name. And, for military purposes, he was called Captain Harry Wales.

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