Prince and Kim Basinger Ignited Rumors With ‘The Scandalous Sex Suite’

Some people will be surprised to learn that Prince once recorded a steamy album with actor Kim Basinger. It was so sexy, it left fans convinced more happened in the studio than seems conventional to make music. What is The Scandalous Sex Suite? And what did Basinger eventually reveal about what happened during her time with the late “brilliant talent”?

Kim Basinger and Prince sit at a table together, looking away from camera
Kim Basinger and Prince | Kypros/Getty Images

Were Prince and Kim Basinger a couple?

At some point around 1989 when Basinger starred in Tim Burton’s Batman, for which Prince provided the lead single “Partyman,” the two stars crossed paths. And apparently, they were caught in each other’s orbit for a bit because they were spotted out and about.

Prior to Prince’s 2016 death, Basinger acknowledged their brief romance to The Daily Beast. “I don’t really have boundaries, so I enjoyed that time of my life. It was a really special moment in time, and I have great memories. I don’t put a lot of restrictions on myself, let’s just put it that way,” she said. She concluded by saying it was a “neat” time spent with a “brilliant talent.”

And it was in that moment The Scandalous Sex Suite came to be, leaving some fans to wonder if the sexual sounds were simulation – or actual stimulation.   

‘The Scandalous Sex Suite’   

The “Purple Rain” singer and Basinger were supposedly hot and heavy when they recorded The Scandalous Sex Suite – which is apparently about 19 minutes’ worth of well-reviewed music and some other sounds. And if the rumors are true, Prince and Basinger were using more than musical instruments in his Paisley Park Studio.

As the Lawrence Journal-World newspaper noted in 1989, Prince and Basinger exchange “erotic suggestions over a heavy-breathing ballad” that supposedly turns pornographic at some point.

That writer quoted Prince’s publicist as saying it wasn’t the “language itself” but the “suggestiveness of the language” that made the album “sort of scandalous.” To elaborate, they said, “To my knowledge, there are no four-letter words in it.”

What happened in Paisley Park Studio between Prince and Kim Basinger?

According to that writer, Paisley Park Records vice president Alan Leeds said he made his exit from the studio when “Prince opened a jar of honey.”

His guess: “I don’t think they were making tea.” And, as the legend goes, sound engineers came the morning after Prince’s session with Basinger to find honey smeared on the mixing board.

So, what did Basinger have to say about her time making music while supposedly “making love” with Prince? According to The Daily Beast, she responded: “Oh, I know. Oh dear! Ah, yes.” It seemed to inspire a lot of emotions at the same time.

But she didn’t deny it. “Sex runs the world in a lot of ways! If only women knew how powerful they were.”

In the end, it seems like Basinger kind of confirmed the rumors of their sexual exchange in the studio are true. So, all of the suggestive language is more than suggestion. Curious fans kind find part of The Scandalous Sex Suite on YouTube.

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