Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Playful Exchange and Body Language During Video Call Proves ‘They’re Really Tight,’ Expert Shares

Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge are following the rules of social distancing but still making appearances during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The couple sat down for a video conference call with children and teachers at one school that has been open for children of essential workers and vulnerable kids. A body language expert unpacked the Cambridges’ body language during the chat, as they were very engaged, smiling, and laughing while they thanked the teachers and interacted with the students.

Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge are seen in conversation with Casterton Primary Academy students via video chat
Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Prince William and Kate’s virtual visit was a hit

Prince William and Kate might not have been able to make a personal appearance but they did the next best thing — a Zoom video call with the teachers, staff, and children at Casterton Primary Academy in Burnley, England. They, of course, had huge praise for the staff and teachers and really connected with the kids.

“Well done, honestly, to you and everyone who’s in during this time. It must be such a relief for all the parents who are key workers to know that their children have the normality and structure and they’ve got a safe place for them to be,” Kate told teachers and staff.

She continued, “So really, really well done and for all of you I know it’s not easy circumstances, but it’s fantastic.’

Prince William added, “We just want to say a huge thank you to you guys and well done in keeping it all going. Please pass on many messages of support for all the staff and all the volunteers — they’re doing a great job.”   

Kate poked fun at Prince William for eating the chocolate Easter candy

The Cambridges definitely kept up the energy of the video call as they spoke with the children who showed off their artwork. It was so sweet to see the Cambridges have this moment with the kids, who were so proud of their work.

When the school staff wished them a happy Easter, Prince William said, “There will be a lot of chocolate being eaten here, don’t worry!”

“You keep eating it!” Kate said to her husband with a laugh.

They looked very happy together

Their body language was revealing during the casual chat. Traci Brown, body language expert and author of Persuasion Point: Body Language and Speech for Influence, shared her insight about the couple’s body language with Elite Daily, noting, “They’re really tight, as usual.”

She continued, “We see them really intently focused on the kids they’re talking to. They both have the same level of a smile on their face and come across with genuine interest. They’re leaning ever so slightly towards each other again telling us they’re on the same team.”

Prince William, Brown noted, was quite engaged as he spoke to the staff and children. “We see William touching his chin quite a bit,” Brown shared. “Some of that is supporting his weight looking at what I’m sure is a small screen. The rest of that is showing that he’s really thinking about what they’re saying.”

Brown also touched on Willam’s reaction when Kate thanked “the key workers at about the 2:40 mark,” noting, “we see William scowl. That shows he’s genuinely concerned and doesn’t like the situation.”