Prince William and Prince Harry Run ‘Hot and Cold’ When It Comes to Their Relationship With Prince Charles

Prince William and Prince Harry’s relationship with their father, Prince Charles, “runs hot and cold,” according to Finding Freedom author Omid Scobie. In a new interview about the royal biography, Scobie revealed that the official portrait for Charles’ 70th birthday was an “absolute nightmare” to shoot because of the supposed tension between William and Harry.

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Prince William and Prince Harry issue rare joint statement

Just days before the 23rd anniversary of Princess Diana’s tragic death, William and Harry issued a rare joint statement. The princes gave an update about the statue they have commissioned to honor their mother.

The long-awaited memorial will be unveiled on what would have been Princess Diana’s 60th birthday – July 1, 2021. It will be installed in the Sunken Garden of Kensington Palace. The brothers commissioned the statue in 2017, but delayed the project because they needed time to “get it right.”

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“The statue was commissioned to mark the twentieth anniversary of her death and recognize her positive impact in the UK and around the world,” read the statement. “The Princes hope that the statue will help all those who visit Kensington Palace to reflect on their mother’s life and her legacy.”

According to The Telegraph, some believe the project was delayed because William and Harry are “barely on speaking terms.”

‘Finding Freedom’ claims there is a rift between Prince William and Prince Harry

The Duke of Sussex admitted in a 2019 documentary that he and William were “certainly on different paths.” Reports have suggested that the statue project was delayed because of the tension between William and Harry.

For nearly two years, they couldn’t agree on the look of their mother’s statue. They finally settled on a design in the spring just before the pandemic.

“This is not a short-term project,” said an insider. “This is a statue that will last forever and the dukes want to ensure that this enduring monument is completely right.”

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Scobie says that William and Harry’s problems are bigger than a disagreement over their mom’s statue. As Express notes, the author appeared on Royal Beat to share some insight into Harry and William’s relationship.

Harry’s relationship with Meghan Markle is what appears to have sparked the problems between the brothers. Harry and Meghan’s decision to publicly step down as senior working royals without consulting the family made things much worse.

Prince Charles 70th birthday portrait was a ‘nightmare’

When it comes to their relationship with their dad, William and Harry’s issues have a lot to do with money, says Scobie. Prince Charles is responsible for funding both of his sons. But now that Harry has stepped down from his royal duties, that is set to change.

Scobie said that Prince Charles’s 70th birthday photo with the Cambridges and Sussexes was “an absolute nightmare.”

All due to Prince William and Prince Harry’s deteriorating relationship.

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“Someone close to Prince Charles [said] this was a headache to arrange,” explained Scobie. “Of course schedules do come into that but the other reason I was given was that the boys have in the past run hot and cold with their father. He’s not just their father, he’s also the future king and their boss – he’s the purse keeper.”

Scobie said those at Clarence House called the photo a “headache.”

He concluded that many political things in the photo that feed into “a very up and down relationship” between Prince William, Prince Harry, and Prince Charles.