Prince William’s Staff Has Banned Him From Tweeting

Members of the British royal family know that having the “right” image is essential for their brand. Senior working royals know to put The Crown and Queen Elizabeth II above else. For Meghan, Duchess of Sussex who had already cultivated her own image prior to marrying Prince Harry, it was a challenging struggle.

For Prince William, who has lived within the royal family for his entire life, it’s become something he’s used to. The future Crowned King is working diligently to cultivate a modern royal family while maintaining The Firm’s traditions. One of the ways the royals are connecting with fans and experts is through social media.

While Meghan and Prince Harry ran their Instagram account, Prince William has been banned from taking control of the Kensington Palace accounts.

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Prince William and Kate Middleton do not run the Kensington Palace Twitter account

The Cambridges have social media platforms on Instagram and Twitter under the name Kensington Palace. When the Sussexes garnered their own account ran by Meghan, it became clear that the more formal Kensington Palace account was run by members of staff.

This protocol allows for fewer mishaps, misspellings, and the royals seeing any abuse or trolling on their social media accounts. It also creates the illusion that royal fans are much closer to the royals than they actually are.

Though Kate sometimes shares photos she’s taken of her family on Instagram, the royal couple has remained fairly hands-off with Twitter.

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Prince William used to tweet sometimes

Still, that hasn’t stopped Prince William form tweeting sometimes, and it’s gotten him into a bit of hot water as a result. Prince William is a massive soccer fan (or football as it’s called in the U.K.). He is particularly fond of the England Lionesses U17 youth female football team. In 2019 just one day after his nephew, Archie Harrison’s birth, the prince tweeted to congratulate the team.

He wrote, “Well done Liverpool – an incredible result, what a comeback! W.” The “W” was obviously there to show fans that it was coming from him dirctly.

It appears that the future Crowned King is a bit of a soccer fanatic because this was not the last time he’s taken control of the Kensington Palace Twitter account to praise a team.

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Prince William has been banned from tweeting

Though it’s all in good fun, Prince William’s staff is not too keen about him taking over the Twitter account. During a recent appearance on BBC’s That Peter Crouch Podcast, the prince told Crouch, a former soccer player, that he’s pretty much been banned from tweeting after more than a handful of unauthorized tweets. He said,

When Liverpool did that amazing [game against Barcelona] I went mental, I grabbed the Twitter thing and I just posted it,” William said. “It was an amazing match. I was literally blown away by it. It was one of the best games of football I’ve ever seen. And I got completely out of control and I just went, ‘Tweet that, get it out. Give it here!’

Now, the prince’s staff does everything in their power to “deliberately keep [him] away” from the account, but his love of soccer can’t be contained.