Prince William Does Not Want His Kids to Deal With 1 ‘Disaster’ He Has Witnessed

Parents usually want to protect their kids and make sure the little ones will have a good future. Of course, royals are no different. Prince William, who is currently second in line to the throne, admits he also wants his children to live in a better world than he did. In fact, there is one “disaster” he has witnessed that he would like for his kids to not experience.

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(L-R) Prince George, Prince William, Kate Middleton, and Princess Charlotte | Pool/Sam Hussein/WireImage

Prince William has three children with Kate Middleton

William is married to Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. The couple has three young children together: George (born 2013), Charlotte (born 2015), and Louis (born 2018).

William and Kate’s parenting has been praised by many onlookers. Royals have traditionally raised their kids in a strict household with very little affection, but William and Kate are known for being emotionally close to their children. They are also advocates for mental health and often urge other parents to pay attention to kids’ mental well-being.

The 1 ‘disaster’ Prince William does not want his kids to deal with in the future

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Being a parent, it seems William thinks a lot about how to give his kids a good future. In an upcoming documentary titled Prince William: A Planet For Us All, William shares that he would like to help preserve the environment for his children.

“My grandfather, my father, have been in environmental work for many years. My grandfather’s well ahead of his time. My father, ahead of his time,” William says, according to Express. “And I really want to make sure that, in 20 years, George doesn’t turn around and say ‘are you ahead of your time?’. Because if he does, we’re too late.”

He admits that having kids has given him a “new sense of purpose” as he thinks about how important it is for people from future generations to enjoy beautiful wildlife as he has.

“You want to hand over to the next generations the wildlife in a much better condition,” William says.

In the documentary, viewers can also see William traveling to places like Pakistan and Tanzania to learn more about how climate change is affecting different population groups. For example, in Pakistan, William sees that glaciers are melting on the Hindu Kush mountains.

“It’s a huge environmental and humanitarian disaster,” he acknowledges.

Other royals are also advocates for the environment

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William is not the only royal using their voice to advocate for the environment. As he shares in the documentary, his grandfather, Prince Philip, and father, Prince Charles, have both made efforts to educate the public about the effects of climate change.

William’s brother, Prince Harry, has his own environmental work as well. For example, Harry is heading an initiative called Travalyst, which aims to promote eco-friendly tourism with the help of companies like TripAdvisor,, and Visa.

“As tourism inevitably grows, it is critically important to accelerate the adoption of sustainable practices worldwide and to balance this growth with the needs of the environment and the local population,” Harry said in a statement released in Sept. 2019. “Bringing companies, consumers, and communities together is our best chance to protect destinations and ecosystems for future generations.”