Prince William Has Done More for 1 Progressive Cause Than Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, According to a Royal Expert

Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex have been branded “woke” royals for their stance on various issues around the world. The couple holds progressive viewpoints and has been giving talks highlighting them.

However, a royal expert recently pointed out that, for all of Harry and Meghan’s speeches, Prince William might have done more for one important progressive cause than the Sussexes.

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Prince William, Meghan Markle, and Prince Harry | Chris Jackson – WPA Pool/Getty Images and Michele Spatari/AFP via Getty Images

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have championed many progressive causes

Royals often stay politically neutral, but ever since Meghan and Harry stepped down from being senior royals in early 2020, the couple has been more outspoken about their political views.

So far, Meghan and Harry have discussed #BlackLivesMatter and urged Americans to vote—subjects that have been interpreted as political given the current social climate. Additionally, the Sussexes are known to hold progressive views on causes like the environment and women’s rights.

A royal expert thinks Prince William has done more for 1 cause than the Sussexes

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Despite Meghan and Harry’s passionate talks, a royal expert thinks Prince William has perhaps made more strides in one progressive cause: the environment.

In December 2019, William unveiled an environmental initiative called Earthshot. The initiative will recognize and reward innovative people who come up with new ideas to tackle environmental issues. Earthshot plans to give out five awards every year with the ambitious goal of getting 50 ideas out there by 2030.

Harry also has an environmental initiative as well. Called Travalyst, the initiative aims to encourage people to travel in an environmentally-friendly way.

However, royal author Robert Lacey, who has also acted as an advisor on the Netflix series The Crown, believes William has accomplished more concrete solutions with his project than Harry.

As the Daily Mail wrote, “Mr Lacey said he finds the Duke and Duchess of Sussex ‘too preachy’ and claimed William, 38, who recently launched his ambitious Earthshot Prize, does more for some progressive causes than his brother and sister-in-law.”

Lacey also said, “People have said the Windsors don’t do ‘woke’. They don’t know how to handle progressive causes. However, I think William does it rather well. He does it better than Meghan and Harry. This couple, in a way, are too extreme.”

Prince Charles is also an advocate for environmental issues

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Another royal who has championed environmental causes is William and Harry’s father, Prince Charles. For years now, Charles has been trying to raise awareness for climate change and promote sustainability.

In fact, Charles’ passion for the environment has put him at odds with some British politicians, who believe he is inching into political territory. Even Charles’ own parents reportedly would prefer for him to show more neutrality.

“He annoyed his parents, actually,” royal expert Angela Levin said, as reported by Express. “They felt he was weak, they felt they couldn’t trust him to be king, that he had all these funny ideas about spiritualism and plastic in the sea.”