Will Prince William and Kate Middleton Have Any More Children?

Kate Middleton only recently gave birth to Prince Louis, adding a third child to the family she shares with Prince William. But people are already speculating about whether the couple plans to have any more children. Many sources have claimed to offer conflicting information about the couple’s intentions, but neither William nor Kate has given many clues one way or the other.

Some people think there’s no way that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge plan to have a fourth child. Others believe that the couple definitely won’t stop at three. Ahead, discover what we know about whether Prince William and Kate Middleton could have another child.

Kate Middleton had difficult pregnancies

Prince William and Kate Middleton leave the hospital with Princess Charlotte. | LEON NEAL/ AFP/ Getty Images

Many mothers have difficult pregnancies and labors, Kate Middleton included. The Sydney Morning Herald reports that the Duchess of Cambridge went through three pregnancies with hyperemesis gravidarum. Scientific American characterizes the condition as “a dangerous type of morning sickness,” with nausea and vomiting so severe that it causes weight loss and renders women unable to perform their regular routines. It can cause dangerous complications for both mother and baby, and Kate ended up hospitalized during all three of her pregnancies. As Scientific American notes, “Babies born from HG pregnancies are more likely to be low birth weight, small for gestational age, and born prematurely.”

They already have a larger-than-average family

The BBC reported in 2017 that women in England and Wales are having 1.9 children on average (fewer than their mothers, who averaged 2.2 children). That means that Kate Middleton, who has three children already, has a larger-than-average family. That definitely shouldn’t stop her if she and Prince William want to add another child to the family. But, putting aside the fact that the royal family has its own sets of rules and social expectations, she might not be feeling as much social pressure to have another baby as she did when she had just one child, for instance.

Kate Middleton is (technically) in her late 30s

Kate Middleton was born in January 1982, which means that she’s 36 — technically in her late 30s. According to Scientific American, researchers have found that a woman’s fertility begins gradually declining in her late 20s, and drops more dramatically after age 35. Without knowing any details of their medical histories, it seems very possible for Kate Middleton and Prince William to become pregnant again. But it might not happen as quickly or as easily as it did when the couple was a little younger.

William and Kate seem happy with their three children

Catherine Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William, Duke of Cambridge with their children Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis. | Dominic Lipinski – WPA Pool/ Getty Images

Prince William and Kate Middleton have never made a habit of talking about the decisions they make as a couple with the public. So it’s not like they’ve given any interviews explaining how many children they hope to have. However, we have every reason to think that they’re happy with their three children. A source told Us Weekly that Prince William and Kate Middleton “are absolutely thrilled with having three” children. “They are soaking up every minute they can. Their dream was always to have three kids. Kate knew she wanted a third not long after having Charlotte, but this time around they seem very content.” However, the source added, “Never say never!”

Sources say that William and Kate want four kids

The Express reports that, according to a source, “Prince William reportedly wants to follow Queen Elizabeth II’s footsteps by having four children.” One of the Duke’s friends reportedly said, “He would love to emulate his grandmother and have four children, and he would be very happy if it was another girl.” Closer Weekly reported the same thing about Kate, with a source saying that “Kate’s always said she wanted four children.” The Express isn’t the first to point out that Queen Elizabeth II had four children, an example that the young royals could follow. But Kate herself is one of three, and William is one of two, and that’s far from guaranteed.

Three kids can make any parent exhausted

With a nanny, housekeepers, and other staff at their beck and call, Kate Middleton and Prince William have a lot more help than most parents. The Sun reports, however, that William and Kate are very hands-on parents. They get up in the middle of the night to attend to Prince Louis, and they drop their children off at school. And as any parent will tell you, raising three kids is enough to make you exhausted. Prince William famously dozed off at a service at Westminster Abbey shortly after Prince Louis’s birth — even though he said that the infant was “sleeping reasonably well.”

A fourth child both simplifies and complicates life

Every couple has to decide for themselves how many children they want to have. But Scary Mommy reports that having a fourth child simplifies your life and family dynamic in some ways, and complicates it in others. One columnist for The Telegraph notes that while two’s company and three’s a crowd, “four is insanity.” Harry Wallop wrote, “There is a reason why families of four children or more are on the decline. We, and our ilk, make up just 3.7 percent of the all the families in Britain, down from 4.3 percent back in 1996.”

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