Prince William and Kate Middleton Could Enter a ‘Lose-Lose’ Situation If They Visit America, Royal Expert Says

Prince William and Kate Middleton reportedly have tension with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, who are currently living in California. There are reports that the Cambridges could visit the United States, but they could allegedly enter a “lose-lose” situation. 

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Prince William and Kate Middleton | Andy Buchanan – WPA Pool/Getty Images

Will the Cambridges visit America in the near future?

In October, biographer Duncan Larcombe speculated that William and Kate could have a tour in the United States in the near future. The couple previously visited the United States in 2011.

“A royal tour to the US is long overdue,” Larcombe said, according to Closer. “They are our most important allies and there is a huge appetite for the royals over there. Royal tours take around six months to plan in secret, so it’s likely there’s one in the works to visit later this year or next, and my best bet is it will be William and Kate.”

Larcombe added, “It’s part of their royal duties to visit the States, so they’ll go at some point, whether it’s next year or the near future.”

It should be noted that the Cambridges have not publicly commented on this speculation.

The Cambridges could enter a ‘lose-lose’ situation, royal expert says

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Some royal experts have been commenting on a potential U.S. tour for the Cambridges. Onlookers are also questioning whether William and Kate will visit Harry and Meghan in California. 

According to royal expert Jonathan Sacerdoti, if William and Kate stay at Harry and Meghan’s house.

“It’s like so many of these things — it’s a sort of lose-lose situation,” Sacerdoti told Us Weekly. “If they get invited and they decline, it seems petty and nasty. And if they don’t get invited, it seems petty and nasty from the other side. And if they do accept such an invitation and something goes terribly wrong, that seems like a bad idea. I can’t quite see how this would work.”

The Cambridges visiting America could allegedly ‘rock’ the Sussexes

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According to Larcombe, the Sussexes might not take well to the Cambridges visiting the United States. This is because Harry and Meghan are trying to establish a career in various American industries and appeal to the American public.

“Harry and Meghan have made the U.S. their home and their target audience,” Larcombe explained. “So the prospect of William and Kate going over there will no doubt rock them.”

The author also added that seeing William and Kate being well-received by American people could be “awkward” for the Sussexes.

“On every royal visit, there are crowds of fans coming to see them, and mass media coverage,” Larcombe said. “And for that to happen under Harry and Meghan’s nose, on their turf—it will be very awkward for them.”

However, the Cambridges could also face a challenge in trying to win back the American public, especially after Harry and Meghan harshly criticized the royal family.

Larcombe said, “This will be an important visit, as Meghan and Harry have done damage to the US perception of the royals.”