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The British royal family is currently experiencing unprecedented times. The royals were already restructuring amid Prince Andrew’s royal ousting following the revelations of his tight-knit friendship with late sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. However, when Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex announced they would be leaving the royal family in Jan. 2020, things spiraled.

As the Sussexes completed their final royal engagements in early March 2020, the entire world came to a halt amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. With the older royals like Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles in quarantine, many of the family’s duties fell on Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.

Though Prince William has seemingly taken his increased responsibilities in stride, things between the future Crowned King and Prince Harry have remained fragile. In fact, Prince William reportedly refused to st down for lunch with his brother following Megxit.

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry attend the opening of the Greenhouse Sports Centre on April 26, 2018 in London, United Kingdom
Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry attend the opening of the Greenhouse Sports Centre on April 26, 2018 in London, United Kingdom | Toby Melville – WPA Pool/Getty Images

Inside Prince William and Prince Harry’s reported feud

Though they were raised and grew up together like two peas in a pod, as Prince William and Prince Harry have gotten older, their priorities and perspectives have differed drastically. After all, Prince William is the heir to the throne while Prince Harry is the “spare.”

While Prince Harry had been trying to figure out where he fit in the royal family, the reported rift between himself and Prince William began when the younger prince met Meghan.

Prince William urged his younger brother to slow down with the romance, reportedly referring to Meghan as “that girl” and Prince Harry exploded. “‘Don’t feel you need to rush this. Take as much time as you need to get to know this girl,'” Prince William told Prince Harry according to Finding Freedom by Carolyn Durand and Omid Scobie. “Prince Harry felt that there was a tone of snobbishness that was anathema to his approach to the world from his own brother.”

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Prince Harry decided to leave the British royal family to save himself and Meghan Markle

In the end, Prince Harry moved forward, marrying Meghan. However, royal fans and the media did not warm to the former actor. She was subjected to countless racist and sexist attacks. In the end, she was the most trolled person in 2019.

Also, the Sussexes’ plans and ideas had reportedl beeen put on the back burner in favor of the Cambridges. A source said in Finding Freedom per Entertainment Tonight,

Where you are born in this family dictates your position of power, and because of that, Harry has always come second to his brother, especially when it comes to funding. There were times in the past when Harry wanted to take on bigger projects and do more work, but he couldn’t get the money to support it. William was always the priority. A lot of their quarrels have been over budget.

In the end, the Sussexes decided that they’d had enough and they left to forge their own paths, furthering the divide between the royal brothers.

Prince William refused to attend lunch with Prince Harry after he announced Megxit

The royal family knew how much the Sussexes were struggling. However, the couple’s Megxit announcement on Instagram on Jan. 8 caught everyone off guard. In Battle of Brothers: William and Harry – The Inside Story of a Family in Tumult, royal historian and biographer Robert Lacey says that Prince William was so upset by the announcement that he refused to have lunch that his brother and sister-in-law before ironing out the conditions of their resignation.

“The Queen had suggested the family should gather for lunch before their big pow-wow in the library that afternoon, but [Prince William] refused his grandmother’s invitation,” Lacey writes via  Daily Mail. “He would obviously turn up at 2 p.m. for the meeting, he said, but he only wanted to talk business.”

While things have reportedly gotten better between the brothers in the past several months, Prince William also refused to show up to Prince Harry’s birthday Zoom in Sept.