Prince William Revealed 1 Unusual Topic Grandmothers Used to Ask Him About

As a royal, a large part of Prince William’s job is interacting with members of the public. He has talked to people of all ages and various backgrounds, and William once shared something fascinating about his conversations with grandmothers. The prince shared that they would ask him about an unusual topic.

Prince William smiles for the cameras.
Prince William | Chris Jackson WPA Pool/Getty Images

William has been living in the spotlight ever since he was born. His parents, Prince Charles and Princess Diana, were one of the most famous couples of the 20th century. William is their first-born son, which also means he is an heir to the throne.

As an adult, William has been taking on work to support the monarchy and be of service to the people of the Commonwealth. He often brings awareness to organizations that promote mental health, sports, environmentalism, and poverty alleviation.

According to research firm YouGov, he is the third most popular royal. Ahead of him are his grandparents, Queen Elizabeth and the late Prince Philip.

Grandmothers used to ask Prince William about 1 unusual topic

William is often in the public eye these days, but when he was a student at the University of St. Andrews, he had a lot more privacy. Nonetheless, being one of the most well-known people in the United Kingdom, William still encountered strangers who wanted to talk to him, including grandmothers.

“People say that it is impossible to do your own thing but actually, up here, and with the media out of it, it’s amazing how people get on with their lives and not bother you,” he said in an interview with the Associated Press in 2004. “I’ve had loads of kids come up and ask for my autograph, I’ve had grandmas stop and ask me if I know any good places to buy underwear.”

When the interviewer asked if he, indeed, know of good places, he responded, “No actually, I was a bit stuck by that one.”

Prince William tried to help Kate Middleton deal with being in the center of attention


Queen Elizabeth II Supposedly Made Prince William Follow These 6 Rules in College

During his time at the university, William met his future wife, Kate Middleton. The two of them started becoming close after living in the same dorm. Thanks to the privacy William got, he could get to know Kate without intrusion from the press.

When the media caught wind of their relationship, however, Kate suddenly became a hot topic for the tabloid. Many photographers showed up at her house to take pictures of her. According to royal author Katie Nicholl, William set up a hotline at St. James’ Palace to help her deal with the press.

“We had been introduced to Kate early on, and we were instructed from the outset to give her every support possible,” a source told Nicholl (via Marie Claire). “She was obviously the subject of a lot of press interest and intrusion from the paparazzi. William said we had a duty of care to her and her family and so we advised her on how to deal with the cameras.”

The source added, “We told her to smile at the photographers so that there would be a better picture. She was given advice on how to manage the media, and we were there to support her if there was a crisis.”