Prince William’s Statement on the Commonwealth May Have Been ‘Incredibly Irritating’ for Prince Charles, Experts Speculate

Prince William recently visited the Caribbean nations of Belize, Jamaica, and the Bahamas with his wife, Kate Middleton. At the end of the tour, William released a statement about the future of these countries and reflected on the Commonwealth.

However, according to some royal experts, this statement could have been “incredibly irritating” for William’s father, Prince Charles.

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What Prince William said in his statement

During the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s Caribbean tour, there were a lot of talks about the future of the royal family in these former colonies. For example, when William and Kate visited Jamaica, there were protests demanding the removal of Queen Elizabeth as head of state.

On March 27, William took to Twitter to share his thoughts on the Commonwealth following the Caribbean tour.

“Foreign tours are an opportunity to reflect,” he wrote. “You learn so much. What is on the minds of Prime Ministers. The hopes and ambitions of school children. The day-to-day challenges faced by families and communities.”

William continued, “I know that this tour has brought into even sharper focus questions about the past and the future. In Belize, Jamaica and The Bahamas, that future is for the people to decide upon. But we have thoroughly enjoyed spending time with communities in all three countries, understanding more about the issues that matter most to them.”

“Catherine and I are committed to service,” the duke said. “For us that’s not telling people what to do. It is about serving and supporting them in whatever way they think best, by using the platform we are lucky to have. It is why tours such as this reaffirm our desire to serve the people of the Commonwealth and to listen to communities around the world.”

William ended the statement by reassuring people that “who the Commonwealth chooses to lead its family in the future isn’t what is on my mind.” Rather, he noted, “What matters to us is the potential the Commonwealth family has to create a better future for the people who form it, and our commitment to serve and support as best we can.”

William’s statement may have been ‘incredibly irritating’ for Charles, experts say

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According to some royal experts, William’s statement may have been “irritating” for Charles, especially when some people interpreted it as William setting the tone for the monarchy.

“The way William and his aides were talking, they were sort of forgetting that he is not the next king,” royal editor Richard Eden said on Mail Plus’ Palace Confidential show. “There is a man waiting to be king; William is down the line. And that’s quite easy to forget. But I think it is a  reflection of the fact that even when Charles is on the throne, it will be almost a dual kingship with his son.”

Another royal editor, Richard Kay, agreed that the statement must have been “incredibly irritating” for Charles. Kay commented, “For years he had to put up with the spotlight shining on his late wife. As soon as William came of age and got a glamorous, gorgeous girlfriend and then married her and had lovely children, the spotlight shifted once again. It has been a frustrating few years for him in that regard.”

Charles reportedly does not want to be ‘erased’ because of William’s popularity

William consistently ranks as being more popular than his father, and according to author Penny Junor, this has left Charles feeling hurt.

“It’s very hurtful and difficult for Charles to see all the attention on his son, and his pretty wife and his lovely children,” Junor told The Daily Beast. “Charles and Camilla are grandparents. They can’t compete with that.”

Junor added, “I’m sure he’s really proud of William. I’m sure he’s really proud of the incredible work he has done and the success he has made of his marriage and family. But he also doesn’t want to be erased just yet.”

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