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Prince William has held the number three spot in the British line of succession all his life. And, now, he is closer than ever to becoming the heir apparent. In preparation for his future roles as Prince of Wales and king, Prince William has spent more and more time learning from his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth and making adjustments to his life — such as creating his own royal household, separate from Prince Harry’s — as he steps into a leadership role.

That said, the Duke of Cambridge can prepare all he wants for his leadership role, but some things cannot be forged. Case in point: Prince William’s zodiac sign and birth chart says a lot about who he is as a member of the royal family and future leader of the United Kingdom. Find out how Prince William’s zodiac sign proved he will make a great king, ahead.

Prince William
The Duke of Cambridge | Daniel Leal-Olivas – WPA Pool/Getty Images

Prince William’s zodiac sign and birth chart

Prince William was born on June 21, 1982, which makes his sun sign a Cancer. Per his birth chart, the Duke of Cambridge’s moon is also in Cancer and his rising sign is in Sagittarius. In a birth chart, a sun sign makes up your zodiac personality while a moon sign rules your emotions. With Cancer in both his sun and moon signs, Prince William has strong cancer qualities that include intuitive, loving, gentle, and kind. Your rising sign is how your present yourself in the world and, as a Sagittarius rising, Prince William loves adventure, is easy-going, and drawn to philanthropy to help those in need. Additionally, he is on a never-ending search for knowledge which might explain why Prince William can speak so many languages.

“Prince William is a fantastic man. He was born with a genetic cheerfulness to him, is a great speaker, and a fabulous human being,” Leslie McGuirk, astrologer and author of The Power of Mercury tells Showbiz Cheat Sheet. “He’s a Cancer like his mother and his moon is [also] in cancer. This kind of soft energy that emotionally William [has] is very beautiful,” she adds. “He’s going to be a great spiritual leader. When he becomes king, he’s going to change the world.”

Prince William is emotional

Being soft might not be the first word you would use to describe a leader, but they are important qualities to consider. Prince William’s sun and moon signs in Cancer prove that he will be a softer, more gentle leader, which is much different from Queen Elizabeth. “Her moon is in Leo so she’s not as emotional as [Prince William],” notes McGuirk.

Inspiration comes easy

With a Sagittarius rising sign, Prince William is never short of inspiration. This energy will motivate him in his leadership roles, including his reign as King, for the rest of his life.

He loves to learn

Another Sagittarius quality that Prince William carries? His lust for knowledge. The Duke of Cambridge loves to learn and is in constant search of knowledge which will not only help grow him as an individual but as a leader, too.

He likes order

According to his birth chart, Prince William likes order and, as a leader, “every plan or human entity can be organized and structured.”  

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