What Are Prince William’s Royal Duties?

As the future King of England, Prince William has a lot on his plate. And, his royal duties keep piling up. From official engagements to representing the queen on tours abroad, the Duke of Cambridge keeps busy throughout the year. Here’s a look at Prince William’s royal duties, including some future roles he will take on once his father, Prince Charles ascends the throne.

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge

Once Prince Charles becomes king, Prince William’s royal duties could change. | Chris Jackson – WPA Pool/Getty Images

Prince William’s royal duties

As one of the highest ranking members in the family, Prince William’s royal duties look slightly different from his brother’s and other members of the Mountbatten-Windsor household. What are Prince William’s royal duties? Find out, ahead.

Represent the queen and the monarchy

The most important aspect of being a royal is representing the monarch when a king or queen cannot be present. So while Prince William’s royal duties vary, they all exist with some form of representation on behalf of the queen.

Royal tours

A big part of being royal is travel — specifically on royal tours to Commonwealth countries. Prince William and Kate Middleton travel together to different countries to meet with royals, diplomats, and other prominent members of the government.

Royal engagements

Another big part of the royal family business is royal engagements. However, this is a blanket term that can be used to describe various types of events, including ceremonial events, charity appearances, and traveling. Prince William’s royal duties include hundreds of engagements every year, some of which he is joined by the rest of the family for.

State dinners

Like his father and Queen Elizabeth II, Prince William (and his wife, Kate) also attends State dinners and, occasionally, steps in and hosts important figures — including presidents, royals, and other diplomats — at Buckingham Palace and other royal family abodes every year.


Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles typically handle most royal knightings. But, Prince William occasionally steps in to honor those in the community with noble titles, medals, and awards. Once his father ascends the throne, Prince William will likely add more knighting duties to his plate.


Conservation is really important to the royal family, and both Prince William and Prince Harry are actively involved in many organizations that focus on the matter. According to the family’s website, “Conservation work and supporting communities to protect their natural environment for future generations has been one of The Duke’s key priorities for a number of years.” Prince William is heavily involved in environmental education programs, community development, and other initiatives to help support his passion.

Mental health

Prince William also works with various mental health initiatives, include the family’s mental health campaign, Heads Together. “The campaign aimed to build on existing progress nationwide in tackling stigma, raising awareness, and providing vital help for people with mental health problems,” notes the family’s website.

Anti-bullying initiatives

The Duke of Cambridge also works closely with certain charities that support young people through anti-bullying initiatives. He has particularly focused on online bullying and continues to support organizations working to build confidence in youth across Britain.

The future of Prince William’s royal duties

When Prince Charles becomes King of England, Prince William’s royal duties will change quite a bit. As his father steps into his new role, Prince William will likely take over the Prince of Wales’ royal duties and offer even more support to the monarchy.

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