Why Is Prince William the Duke of Cambridge? Everything We Know About His Royal Title

As the future heir apparent and King of England, Prince William has many new royal titles in his future. However, until his father ascends the throne, he is currently the Duke of Cambridge. But, with his prince status, many want to know: Why is Prince William the Duke of Cambridge? We share everything you want to know about Prince William’s royal titles — including some of his future peerages — ahead.

Meghan Markle, Prince Harry, Prince William, and Kate Middleton

The queen’s grandsons were each granted peerages on their royal wedding days. | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Why is Prince William the Duke of Cambridge?

Curious to know why Prince William is the Duke of Cambridge? Queen Elizabeth II selected this title based on his marital status. In the royal family, the sons and grandsons of the monarch typically receive a dukedom upon their wedding day (or once they reach majority). Dukedoms are the highest ranking title — with the exception of his or her majesty, of course — and often go to those with important roles in the family. Since Prince William is second in line to the throne, his dukedom did not come as a surprise. But, why is Prince William the Duke of Cambridge?

When it comes to royal peerages, the monarch is responsible for choosing official royal titles from available family names. And, at the time of his wedding to Kate Middleton, Cambridge was available. In addition to availability, the monarch likely looks at the reputation of past royals — similar to naming royal babies — who held the title. According to Popsugar, the queen might have taken a liking to the name Cambridge “because the previous holder of the title had also married a commoner for love.” However, Buckingham Palace has yet to confirm this theory.

How will his royal titles change?

As second in line to the throne, the Duke of Cambridge could inherit a couple of new names in his future. Find out how Prince William’s royal title will change, ahead.

Prince of Wales

Right now, Prince Charles is the Prince of Wales. However, once he ascends the throne, he will drop the honor and make it available to his son, Prince William. Prince of Wales is a special exception to royal peerages and rankings as it is associated with the heir to the throne. That said, Wiliam won’t automatically become the Prince of Wales. If Charles chooses to give his son the honor, Prince William will inherit the royal title via a ceremony.

Duke of Cornwall

In addition to being the Prince of Wales, Prince William could also become the Duke of Cornwall. Similarly, Duke of Cornwall is inherited through a ceremony and given to the monarch’s eldest son — aka, the heir to the throne.

His Majesty

Prince William will be king one day and, as a result, inherit the official title of His Majesty. Also, he has the option to change his first name to any one of his middle names, too. So, he could go by King William, King Arthur, King Philip, or King Louis.

Prince William’s royal titles

For the time being, Prince William’s royal titles are not much different than his brother, Prince Harry’s. He has an official name for when he’s in Scotland, one for when he’s in Northern Ireland, and one for when he’s in England (and the rest of the world). Here’s a closer look at Prince William’s royal titles.

His Royal Highness Prince William of Wales

Prince William was born into royalty. So, naturally, he received a royal title upon birth. To reflect his mother and father’s name (the Prince and Princess of Wales), William’s official royal title was His Royal Highness Prince William of Wales. He kept this title until his wedding day in 2011.

His Royal Highness The Duke of Cambridge

On his royal wedding day, the palace announced Prince William as His Royal Highness The Duke of Cambridge. That is his current royal title when in England and around the world.

Earl of Strathearn

In addition to Duke of Cambridge, Prince William also received a royal title for when he visits Scotland. In Scotland, his name is Earl of Strathearn.

Baron Carrickfergus

In similar feat, Prince William also received a royal title for Northern Ireland. When visiting the United Kingdom country, he goes by Baron Carrickfergus.

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