Princess Beatrice Wedding: Which Tiara Will Queen Elizabeth Allow Her to Wear?

Princess Beatrice will be exchanging vows with Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi at the end of May and has been very busy planning her big day. The royals have confirmed that the ceremony will be held inside St. James’s Palace at the Chapel Royal and the reception will take place at Buckingham Palace. While we wait for more announcements, here’s a look at which tiara Queen Elizabeth might lend Princess Beatrice for her big day.

Princess Beatrice Queen Elizabeth
Princess Beatrice and Queen Elizabeth | Indigo/Getty Images

When will Princess Beatrice reveal her tiara?

Beatrice and Mozzi got engaged during a trip to Italy last fall. The couple announced their engagement on social media shortly thereafter, prompting an enormous amount of excitement over another royal wedding.

Since then, Buckingham Palace has slowly released details about the wedding, including the recent venue announcement. Other details regarding the ceremony, however, have been kept tightly under wraps.

More announcements will surely come as we get closer to the wedding, including an official guest list for the big day. But when it comes to what Beatrice is going to wear for the wedding, fans will likely have to wait until the day of the ceremony to find out.

Princess Beatrice is fully expected to wear a tiara for the wedding, which will mark the first time we’ve seen her rock a jeweled headpiece in public. Although there is no telling which tiara Beatrice will pick, there are several frontrunners in Queen Elizabeth’s collection.

Which tiara will Queen Elizabeth lend Beatrice?

There are three tiaras that Beatrice is probably considering for her wedding, all of which Queen Elizabeth will likely lend out. According to Hello Magazine, the most obvious choice for Beatrice is the York tiara.

The tiara was given to Princess Beatrice’s mother, Sarah Ferguson, when she tied the knot to Prince Andrew in 1986. Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip gave Ferguson the headpiece as a gift.

Ferguson has worn the tiara on a number of different occasions and was given permission to keep it following her divorce from Andrew in 1996. She was last seen wearing it during Elton John’s White Tie and Tiara Ball in 2001.

Considering how Princess Eugenie did not wear the tiara during her wedding, there is a good chance that Princess Beatrice will choose it.

The other two candidates include the Strathmore Rose tiara and the Oriental Circlet tiara. The Strathmore Rose tiara has not been seen in public for decades, while the Oriental Circlet tiara was last worn by Queen Elizabeth in 2005.

Who will attend the wedding?

Tiaras aside, fans are also looking forward to seeing which members of the royal family will show up for Beatrice’s wedding. Despite his recent sex scandal, Andrew is reportedly set to walk his daughter down the aisle.

Princess Beatrice’s mother is also expected to be present for the wedding, even though she has a rather turbulent relationship with Philip. Following her divorce from Andrew, sources claimed that Philip refused to give Ferguson money when she experienced financial troubles.

We also do not know if Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will appear at the ceremony. The couple’s exit from the monarchy will take place at the end of March. If they do return for the wedding, it might make for an awkward time for the rest of the family.

In light of the potential drama, sources claim that Queen Elizabeth has told everyone to be on their “best behavior” at the wedding.

A look at Princess Beatrice’s wedding venue

When it comes to Beatrice’s wedding venue, the Chapel Royal holds a lot of significance for the royal family. The venue has witnessed a slew of royal events over the years, including christenings and weddings.

Queen Victoria, for example, used the Chapel Royal to wed Prince Albert in the winter of 1840.

St. James’s Palace is also where Prince Charles, Princess Alexandra, and Princess Anne call home when they are staying in London. Beatrice and her future husband are also staying in the palace, though it is unclear where they will live after they tie the knot.

The royals have not revealed whether or not Princess Beatrice’s wedding will be televised, though odds are it will remain a private event.