Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis Love This Food Other Kids Either Hate or Have Never Heard of

Prince Louis and Princess Charlotte are just like other kids, well except for the whole living in a palace and being royalty thing. Something else that could set Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge‘s little ones apart from other children is what they like to eat.

Read on to find out what the young Cambridges love eating that kids they’re age typically dislike. Plus, the one food they enjoy that some children never even heard of, let alone eat.

Prince Louis and Princess Charlotte
Prince Louis and Princess Charlotte | Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

The food Prince Louis and Princess Charlotte aren’t fussy about

When you were a child your parents probably told you to “eat your vegetables.” Then when you became an adult, you made the decision of which veggies to incorporate into your diet. Well, Prince William and Kate don’t have to encourage Prince Louis or Princess Charlotte to eat their veggies now because they absolutely love them.

Us Weekly noted that in December 2019 during A Berry Royal Christmas special the Duchess of Cambridge told Mary Berry, “We grow our own vegetables. We’ve got carrots, beans, beetroot–a massive favorite. Louis absolutely loves beetroot.”

Beetroot is simply called “beets” in America but most kids Prince Louis’ age don’t even know they exist.

Kate added that her daughter is a huge fan of Charlotte potatoes, of course. Another thing the princess can’t get enough of is olives. The duchess said Charlotte likes snacking on them because of their salty, briny flavor.

Kate Middleton, Prince Louis, and Princess Charlotte
Kate Middleton, Prince Louis, and Princess Charlotte | Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

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The mom-of-three, however, did not share whether or not her oldest son, Prince George, is all about veggies like his siblings.

Charlotte handles this food better than her dad

This isn’t the first time Kate talked about some of her middle child’s surprising eating habits.

The Daily Mail reported that prior to their trip to Pakistan in October 2019, the duke and duchess spoke with 2017 MasterChef winner Saliha Mahmood-Ahmed at a reception in London.

William’s wife revealed that she cooks curry at home and Charlotte is “pretty good with heat” saying she handles that better than her dad.

The prince agreed and said, “Me and heat not so good. I love spice but not heat.”

Princess Charlotte
Princess Charlotte | Dominic Lipinski – WPA Pool/Getty Images

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The Cambridge family loves eating this

One thing the whole family does agree on is pizza. The Duchess of Cambridge previously stated that her kiddos even help her make pies at home.

“I think they’re some of the best things to make, pizzas at home. It’s such fun, you can choose what you can put on them — all the different toppings,” she said during a visit to King Henry’s Walk Garden with several children in London in January 2019.

Kate also admitted that one of her favorite toppings is bacon, telling the youngsters: “I quite like that or some other meat. It’s like having pepperoni but it’s not as spicy.”