Why Is Princess Charlotte Before Louis in the British Line of Succession?

It’s the 21st century, and the British Royal Family are determined to keep up with the times. Though Queen Elizabeth II and the Windsors have specific royal traditions that they stick to, some other archaic rules and regulations have been thrown out the window. Though she’s only a tot, Princess Charlotte has a confirmed place in the British Line of Succession –something her great-aunt Princess Anne, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip’s second-born child never had.

We know that Princess Charlotte is fourth in line for the throne following her grandfather, Prince Charles, her father, Prince William and her big brother, Prince George, but what’s the real reason she’s ahead of her other brother –Prince Louis?

Princess Charlotte of Cambridge
Princess Charlotte of Cambridge | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Why Is Princess Charlotte before  Prince Louis in the British Line of succession?

In 2013, Queen Elizabeth signed the Succession to the Crown Act of 2013 making Princess Charlotte the first princess in the history of the British Royal monarchy who will not be overtaken in line by their little brother. To get specific, the act states, “the gender of a royal born after October 28, 2011, does not give that person, or their descendants, precedence over anyone else in determining the next monarch.” The pint-sized princess was born, May 2, 2015.

If this act had not been in place for Charlotte, she would have been skipped over by her baby brother, Prince Louis who would have taken her place in the line of succession just because she’s a girl.

Why is Princess Charlotte before Prince Harry?

With the birth of Prince Louis –Prince Harry has been demoted to sixth in line which means it’s highly unlikely he will ever become King of England. Technically, Prince Harry is the royal spare –which means he has a bit more leeway to live his life the way that he wants to. If his big brother, Prince William and Duchess Kate Middleton continue to have more children —the red-headed prince will continue to slip further down the line of succession.

Why is Princess Charlotte 4th in line for the throne?

Prince Charlotte is fourth in line presently because she is the second born child of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Once her grandfather, Prince Charles becomes king, the princess will move up to third in line and once her father becomes king –if her brother does not yet have any children she will move to second in line for the throne.

However, once Prince George does begin having children, she will slip further down the line of succession just like her uncle, Prince Harry.

Will Princess Charlotte become queen?

There is a small possibility that Princess Charlotte could become queen, but it’s highly unlikely. The only reason she could really sit on the throne would be if her older brother Prince George fails to have children and he passes away without leaving any heirs.

If the princess does become queen by some strange fluke, she will be the first to claim the throne since the  Succession to the Crown Act of 2013 was enacted.

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