Princess Charlotte Can’t Get Enough of This 1 Food

Princess Charlotte is getting to the point where she’s able to tell what she likes and dislikes. She might only be three years old, but she has some very strong opinions about some of her favorite things. Recently, Kate Middleton discussed the one food that Charlotte can’t live without.

Princess Charlotte of Cambridge
Princess Charlotte of Cambridge | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

The young princess knows what she likes and dislikes

Charlotte may be young, but she’s in that stage of life where she’s finally able to remember what she loves and hates. The royal family doesn’t frequently reveal information such as that about one another, but those who love the family always enjoy hearing about their preferences. Prince William revealed not long ago that both George and Charlotte love ballet. George takes lessons weekly at his school, and Charlotte reportedly attends a prestigious dance school in London. And when it comes to food, the kids know what they like, too.

Kate Middleton recently revealed that Charlotte can’t live without olives

Kate recently visited Lavender Primary School in England during Children’s Mental Health Week. The week is sponsored by Place2Be, which is one of Kate’s patronages. The charity essentially provides mental health support to school-aged kids. According to Us Weekly, Kate discussed how eating and mental health go hand-in-hand. She also said that food, energy, and feelings all work together. And then, she discussed her children’s favorite foods.

“Charlotte loves olives,” Kate told the kids. She mentioned Charlotte enjoys their salty, briny flavor.

The Duchess also revealed that Charlotte loves pasta

When Kate visited a hospital a while back, she was chatting with a patient about his favorite foods. He remarked that he loved pasta, and the Duchess said Charlotte loves it, too. However, the queen reportedly does not like pasta and doesn’t ever want it on the menu. The queen supposedly believes that pasta, rice, and other carb-filled foods are too starchy to eat; she asked for them to be taken off the menu — and what the queen says, goes. There are actually several foods that are banned from the royal menu. Garlic is another one, likely for its strong smell and taste. The royals are reportedly not allowed to eat shrimp, either, although the reason why remains a bit blurry. And once the queen is done eating, everyone else must also be done eating.

However, on the nights when Will, Kate, and the kids aren’t eating with the queen, pasta is still allowed.  

Charlotte and George enjoy making cheesy pasta together  

While Kate was visiting Lavender Primary School, she also mentioned that George and Charlotte do some cooking together every once in a while. The two supposedly love making cheesy pasta together as well as preparing salads. Kate also revealed that the family loves to sit down and enjoy pizza together. However, she did mention that she doesn’t think Queen Elizabeth has ever had pizza, so it must not be on the royal menu much when they dine with the queen. It looks like Will, Kate, and their family love carbs — completely opposite of Will’s grandmother.

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