Princess Charlotte’s Official Royal Title is Still Unknown — Here’s Why

Though Princess Charlotte, the only daughter of Prince William and Kate Middleton, will likely never rule, she’s still arguably the most popular royal child. Today, she’s known as Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte of Cambridge, but her actual royal title is still up in the air. It is possible Charlotte will inherit a new title when she’s older, but that depends on a few things.

Princess Charlotte
Princess Charlotte | Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

Princess Charlotte will likely never be queen

Once Queen Elizabeth steps down from her royal role, it could be many years before the British royal family sees another female monarch. Charlotte is currently fourth in line for the throne, but as she grows up, that will likely change. Right now, Prince George has no kids, making Charlotte the heir directly behind him. But should George start a family, Charlotte will then get pushed back by however many kids he has.

It is possible for Charlotte to be queen. Should something unfortunate happen to George, Charlotte would then become the heir behind Prince William. Or if George chose to someday abdicate the throne, Charlotte would be next in line. Still, her royal role will be extremely important, whether she rules or not.  

Charlotte could formally become the Princess Royal

Charlotte is currently known as the Princess of Cambridge, but down the road, she could officially become the Princess Royal. Princess Anne currently holds the title, and it’s given to the eldest daughter of the king. Once William becomes king, Charlotte can assume the title, but if Anne is still alive when William takes the throne, Charlotte would have to wait until the title is no longer in use.

William and Kate with George and Charlotte on their first day of school in 2019. | Aaron Chown/PA Wire

The decision to assume the title is optional; Charlotte might decide she prefers to only be known as Princess Charlotte of Cambridge and not want any additional titles floating around her name. Still, it won’t affect her royal role to take on the new title, so we don’t see why she wouldn’t. Charlotte’s most important job while her father rules will be as a working royal. But once George takes the throne, she becomes even more relevant.

Charlotte will remain a supportive part of George’s monarchy

As George, Charlotte, and Prince Louis grow up, they’ll become working royals of the family. Since they’re the kids of a future ruler, they’ll be some of the family’s most important members. But Charlotte’s role will be more important than Louis’ in that she’ll be George’s biggest supporter.

Royal biographer Andrew Morton revealed that there is an “unwritten” rule in the royal family that the siblings take on the role of supporter to the one who has ruled, per Express. With that said, Charlotte will help her brother rule, and he might confide in her to help make some important decisions. Of course, George might find a spouse who will stand beside him while he rules, but Charlotte will still be the one who understands the inner workings of the family as well as him.