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After Princess Diana separated from Prince Charles in the 1990s, she fell in love with a few men. For some time, Diana dated a man whom many people call the “love of her life.” However, she allegedly broke up with him to be with a man who had more money.

Princess Diana looking on in a purple blazer
Princess Diana in 1997 | Mark Cuthbert/UK Press via Getty Images

Who was the alleged love of Princess Diana’s life?

In 1995, Diana met a heart surgeon named Hasnat Khan. Diana reportedly “squealed like a schoolgirl” when she first met him because of how handsome he was.

The two of them began to date, but they tried to keep their romance under wrap. Khan was not interested in the press attention Diana got, which means the couple had never been photographed in public together.

Diana reportedly wanted to marry Khan. He was a practicing Muslim from Pakistan, and she even participated in his culture. She also visited his home country and met his parents.

Diana’s butler and friend, Paul Burrell, even once called Khan the “true love of her life.”

Unfortunately, Diana and Khan’s relationship lasted only about 18 months. They broke up in the summer of 1997. According to Khan’s father (via Daily Mail), Khan allegedly said, “If I married her, our marriage would not last for more than a year. We are culturally so different from each other.”

Hasnat Khan said Princess Diana broke up with him to be with a richer man

Hasnat Khan in a multicolored striped sweater, holding a book
Hasnat Khan | Stan Karczmarz/Sygma via Getty Images

Some people have said that Khan broke up with Diana. However, during an inquest into Diana’s death, Khan opened up about their breakup. He maintained that she broke up with him to be with a much wealthier man.

Toward the end of Diana and Khan’s relationship, Diana began hanging out a lot with someone close to billionaire Mohamed Al-Fayed. It later turned out that she was hanging out with Dodi Fayed, who is Mohamed’s son. Khan believed Diana was lured by the Fayed family’s money.

“I think Diana finally realised that Al Fayed could give her all the things I could not,” he said, according to Evening Standard. “He had money and could provide the necessary security. You never see Al Fayed without six or seven bodyguards.”

Hasnat Khan warned her against hanging out with Dodi Fayed

Khan did not think too highly of Dodi and Mohamed. When Diana broke up with him, Khan warned her that things could go south if she continued hanging out with the Fayed’s.

“I told her I strongly suspected there was someone else and I remember saying to her at the time: ‘You are dead,’ meaning her reputation was dead,” Khan recalled. “I said this because I was sure that it was someone from Mohamed Al Fayed’s group and that was how I felt about anyone involved with him.”

Diana and Dodi had only been dating for a couple of months before they both died in August 1997. The two of them were involved in a car chase with the paparazzi in Paris.