Princess Diana Used These 3 Genius Tricks to Outsmart the Paparazzi

Princess Diana was the most photographed woman in the world. Everywhere she went, photographers would follow and document every move she made. However, all the attention was often intrusive for Diana, and she had a few genius tricks up her sleeves to outsmart the paparazzi.

Princess Diana wore the same shirt multiple times

Princess Diana in 1995
Princess Diana in 1995 | Anwar Hussein/WireImage

Paparazzi shots of Diana were very valuable for news outlets back in the days, and Diana had an idea to devalue those photographs.

According to her former personal trainer, Jenni Rivett, Diana would show up to the gym wearing the same sweatshirt.

“Every single session, all the media camped outside with their cameras and lenses… I remember one of her strategies was that she was going to wear the same Virgin Active sweatshirt for every single session,” Rivett said, according to Hello!.

This meant that the pictures of Diana look similar to each other even if they were taken on different days, effectively making them more worthless on the market.

Princess Diana would face away from the cameras when walking

Princess Diana in 1990
Princess Diana in 1990 | Anwar Hussein/Getty Images

During some of her visits to the gym, Diana had another trick to outsmart the paparazzi. According to this video, Diana was seen getting out of the car with a photographer waiting nearby. She, then, walked backwards and constantly turned away from the direction of the camera, all in an attempt to make sure her face does not show up in the photographs taken.

Of course, when she wanted a good shot of herself, Diana had multiple ways to achieve that as well.

Princess Diana held up a clutch to prevent cleavage shots

Any famous person knows that the paparazzi can be ruthless with the photographs they take, especially when it comes to female celebrities. “Nip slip” and upskirt photos can often end up in tabloid magazines, embarrassing the subjects of those pictures.

In order to prevent herself from having these uncomfortable situations, Diana often held a clutch in front of her chest whenever she exited a car while wearing a low-cut dress. This prevented photographers from seeing too much of her cleavage, which could be scandalous for a royal.

Diana reportedly even called these clutches her “cleavage bags,” according to designer Anya Hindmarch, who used to work with the princess.

Princess Diana utilized her popularity to make important changes in the world


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Given the paparazzi’s interest in her, Diana decided to make use of her popularity for good. She began getting involved in humanitarian work, and the photographers following her around were forced to document these charitable activities.

Journalist Tom Jennings shared, according to PopSugar, “She made a conscious decision to say, ‘Well, if they’re going to follow my every move, I’m going to have them follow me to places that I want to call attention to,’ and soon thereafter, she was going to an AIDS hospice in London.”

Diana became known for helping people that society left behind, such as AIDS patients and leprosy patients. At the time, many folks were afraid to be in close contact with people who suffered from AIDS and leprosy, though Diana helped to de-stigmatize these diseases. Photographs of her shaking patients’ hands and giving them hugs helped others to be more open to understanding those who are different from them.