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On July 29, 1981, the royal family welcomed Lady Diana Spencer as she married Prince Charles in a lavish spectacle. To this day, Princess Diana‘s influence as a wedding trendsetter remains. Millions of women have found ways to incorporate elements of the princess’s wedding day into their ceremonies. But one of the day’s most eye-catching and unforgettable accessories, Princess Diana’s diamond-encrusted tiara, was not exclusive to the royal. Who else wore the iconic headpiece for their weddings after that?

Princess Diana on her wedding day to Prince Charles wearing the Spencer Tiara.
Princess Diana on her 1981 wedding day | Terry Fincher/Princess Diana Archive/Getty Images

All about the Spencer Tiara Princess Diana wore on her wedding day

It’s a tradition that royal brides wear tiaras.

Therefore, Diana’s crown befitting her new status within the royal family in becoming a princess.

She wore her family’s Spencer Tiara on her wedding day.

The jewelry is made up of different pieces that belonged to the Spencer family, reported Tattler.

The century-old heirloom was in the family’s possession before Diana famously added it to her wedding fashion on the day she wed Prince Charles.

It was originally gifted in 1919 to Lady Cynthia Hamilton for her marriage to Albert, Viscount Althorp, by Lady Sarah Spencer.

The family heirloom initially looked different from Diana’s version on her wedding day.

The statement piece royal fans know and adore has continued to evolve and change throughout the years.

It features a central heart flanked by continuous running scrolls. Star-and trumpet-shaped flowers with circular, rose-cut, and pear-shaped diamonds mounted in gold finish the statement piece.

The tiara is 16 inches in length, reported Sotheby’s Digital Catalog.

Other than Princess Diana, who wore the Spencer tiara on their wedding day?

Earl Spencer and Victoria Lockwood at their 1989 wedding where she wears the Spencer tiara.
Earl Spencer and Victoria Lockwood at their 1989 wedding | Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images

However, Princess Diana was not the only woman to wear the stunning diamond-encrusted accessory.

Previously, Diana’s two elder sisters, Lady Sarah Spencer (McCorquodale) and Lady Jane Spencer (Fellowes), wore the tiara.

After Diana, model Victoria Lockwood wore the Spencer tiara. Lockwood subsequently married Diana’s brother, Charles Spencer (the 9th Earl), in 1989.

After Diana’s wedding to Prince Charles, the royal wore it on at least seven other white-tie occasions.

The Spencer family heirloom is priceless


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CNN quoted Kristian Spofforth, Head of Jewelry at Sotheby’s London, who said the tiara is “genuinely priceless.”

“It’s one of those (items) that is impossible to value,” he said in a phone interview. “Given the public interest in Diana, there is absolutely no way we could park a figure on it. It’s one of those few objects that you could say is priceless.”

Subsequently, after Diana’s 1997 death, the tiara was returned to her brother and remains in the family collection.

Prince William’s only daughter, Charlotte, will reportedly inherit the iconic jewelry.