Princess Diana’s Facial Expression in Pre-Wedding Interview Might Have Hinted at Unhappiness With Prince Charles

By now, many people know about the tumultuous marriage between Princess Diana and Prince Charles. The two of them divorced in the 1990s after Charles had an affair with his ex-girlfriend, Camilla Parker Bowles.

When Diana and Charles got engaged, however, people did not predict such a sad ending to the marriage. Fans thought to they were a fairytale couple. Yet, looking back at one of Diana and Charles’ pre-wedding interviews, the bride-to-be once showed a facial expression that might have hinted at unhappiness.

Prince Charles and Princess Diana attend a royal event
Prince Charles and Princess Diana | Anwar Hussein/WireImage

Princess Diana had a telling facial expression during a pre-wedding interview

Before the wedding, Diana and Charles sat down with journalists Angela Rippon and Andrew Gardener for an interview. According to Grazia, Rippon recalled in the documentary Charles and Di: The Truth Behind their Wedding that Diana’s body language throughout the interview showed she was “out of her depth.”

One of the most telling part for Rippon came at the very end when she wished the couple “all the happiness in the world.” Both Diana and Charles thanked her and smiled. However, Diana’s smile quickly faded, and she suddenly looked down at the floor.

“That expression on Diana’s face at the end speaks volumes,” Rippon said. “Maybe we should have read so much more into that five seconds at the end the interview. It might have told us so much more about what was to come.”

In an article for The Telegraph, Rippon also shared that she used to view that reaction as Diana being shy. Now, she interprets it with “genuine sadness.”

Another interview gave hints of their upcoming troubles

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After announcing their engagement in February 1981, Charles and Diana had an engagement interview. Here, Diana’s body language also might have displayed some concerning feelings.

Speaking to Express, body language expert Robin Kermode said, “Some of the clips appear to show a contrast between Charles and Diana. Charles looks assured while Diana often looks sadder when she is listening – her lips and mouth are held together, here eyebrows lifted and her cheeks pushed forward with watery eyes.”

Charles might also have his own way of foreshadowing troubles. During one moment of the interview, the reporter asked if they were “in love.” Diana responded, “Of course.” However, Charles said, “Whatever in love means.”

Princess Diana knew about Camilla Parker Bowles before the wedding

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It’s probably the reason why Diana seemed uncomfortable during these interviews is because of Camilla. In Andrew Morton’s famous book Diana: Her True Story – In Her Own Words, Diana revealed she knew about Camilla before her engagement to Charles was announced. And, of course, Diana had her suspicions.

During their honeymoon, Charles also brought pictures of Camilla with him. Additionally, he wore cufflinks Camilla gave.

Diana also shared that she cried before her wedding day and wanted to back out. However, her sister told her it was too late to “chicken out.” Diana later recalled she felt like a “lamb to the slaughter” at her wedding.