Princess Diana’s Morning Routine is Refreshingly Normal

Princess Diana became known as “The People’s Princess” because of her relatable nature. She was unquestionably a member of the aristocracy, but somehow made a connection with citizens from all walks of life. Her humility and love for people shined through, making her one of the most popular royal family members ever.

Even though she lived royally, Princess Diana managed to stay grounded in her daily life. It all began with her totally relatable daily routine.

Princess Diana started her day with breakfast and a workout

Princess Diana at home in Highrove
Princess Diana | Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images

Most people will never know what it’s like to wake up as a literal princess. But Diana wasn’t a diva, and most mornings she rose around 7:30 to have breakfast and fit in a workout just like any regular person getting ready for work.

Princess Diana preferred a slightly bizarre choice when it came to her morning food selection though. According to royal chef Darren McGrady, the Princess of Wales typically requested “a tin of Heinz baked beans, a pink grapefruit, a cup of coffee, and a glass of orange juice.” She usually wanted this spread on workout days.

“She wanted Heinz beans because someone had told her they are low in carbs, low in fat, and high in protein, which is great for someone working out,” the royal chef explained to Insider.

After eating, Diana would head to the pool for a morning swim and stretching.

She got ready for royal events by creating her signature look

Princess Diana leaves Chelsea Harbor wearing a sweatshirt and shorts
Princess Diana | Anwar Hussein/Getty Images

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After eating and working out, Diana prepared for a busy day of events by doing her hair and makeup. She was known for incorporating casual looks into her wardrobe when she wasn’t attending fancy parties. That’s why there are so many photos of Princess Diana in a sweatshirt and shorts — she didn’t take herself too seriously. 

Princess Diana was also a trendsetter. Her signature short, feathered haircut and blue eyeliner became massively popular in the 80s and 90s thanks in part to her influence. 

Princess Diana did regular mom things with William and Harry

Princess Diana with Prince William and Prince Harry at the amusement park
Princess Diana, Prince William, and Prince Harry | Julian Parker/UK Press via Getty Images

Most royals leave the banalities of child-rearing to the nannies. But Princess Diana went against this standard by staying very involved in Prince William and Prince Harry’s lives, running them to school and taking them to McDonald’s for dinner. Some senior royals disapproved of Diana being so hands-on in her parenting approach. But her fans adored this aspect of the royal.

The Princess of Wales would undoubtedly make her sons a big part of her daily routine. After her breakfast, workout, and getting ready for the day, she’d take them to school or pick them up and would just spend quality time with them. 

“I remember the Princess came into the kitchen one day and said, ‘Cancel lunch for the boys; I’m taking them out, we’re going to McDonald’s,’” McGrady told Marie Claire. “And I said, ‘Oh my God your royal highness, I can do that, I can do burgers.’ And she said, ‘No, it’s the toy they want.’”

In that way, Princess Diana’s daily routine is very relatable to every mom who isn’t a member of the aristocracy.