Princess Diana’s Troubling Royal Life Was Foreshadowed in These 5 Seconds

To this very day, millions of people still mourn the death of Princess Diana. It was one of the most shocking things that many people experienced when her life was tragically cut short over two decades ago. And it broke the hearts of people around the world when we saw her two young sons walking behind her casket with somber looks on their faces. 

Princess Diana’s life as a royal wasn’t exactly glamorous. She dealt with the pressures of her extreme fame each and every day and was constantly being followed and photographed whether she wanted to or not. Just about all royal fans know that Diana was overwhelmed by all of the attention, especially when she was with her two sons: Prince William and Prince Harry.

During her time as the Princess of Wales, the princess suffered from issues such as depression and bulimia. She wasn’t treated very warmly by many of her husband’s family members, and she also had to go through the pain of a high-profile and bitter divorce when her marriage to Prince Charles ended. However, let’s start from the beginning, and take a look at how Princess Diana’s troubling royal life was foreshadowed in these five seconds.

The pain of being a princess

Princess Diana | Anwar Hussein/WireImage

Being a princess is undoubtedly every little girl’s dream, and for Diana Spencer, that dream came true. The sad reality is that Spencer didn’t get to have her happily ever after when she married England’s future king.

The couple was engaged after only a few dates and, for most of the marriage, Prince Charles did not remain faithful. In addition, Mirror Mirror reports that after comments were made about Princess Diana, saying that she looked “pudgy,” she began a strict diet that grew out of control and soon caused an eating disorder. She admitted that her overwhelming life caused her to feel “empty” and that food helped to fill that void.

According to Fox News, Princess Diana also was extremely depressed, describing her life as being “troubled.”

Princess Diana had a troubling royal life

It is a known fact that Princess Diana touched lives all over the world. She was filled with love and compassion, and it was her kind and generous heart that earned her the title of “people’s princess.” The beloved princess dedicated her life to helping others in any way that she could and doing extensive charity and humanitarian work.

According to Harper’s Bazaar, some of the work that Princess Diana did include leading a campaign to ban landmines and being an ambassador for AIDS awareness. All of these wonderful things certainly did not stop royal life from being extremely troubling. Good Housekeeping reports that Princess Diana and Queen Elizabeth didn’t exactly have a good relationship, making her life as a princess that much harder. 

Princess Diana wasn’t her husband’s true love

Before Princess Diana and Prince Charles ever met, he was involved with his current wife: Camilla Parker-Bowles. He carried on an affair with her even while he was married to Princess Diana. And, according to Popsugar, Princess Diana was well aware of her husband’s infidelity, going so far as to confront Parker-Bowles about the relationship.

How Princess Diana’s life was foreshadowed in five seconds

It was evident from an interview that occurred the night before Prince Charles and Princess Diana were married that her life would be anything but easy. According to a royal commentator, Princess Diana was “out of her depth,” and there were signs of the trouble ahead before she even walked down the aisle.

Towards the end of the interview, the journalist wished the soon to be married couple all the best in their upcoming journey. While most people would be thrilled, Prince Charles looked at Princess Diana and she quickly looked down at the floor in response. The commentator said that the couple’s body language could have predicted what was to come, telling everyone that their marriage would not be a happy one.